O&O AutoBackup 6 Professional Edition

by O&O Software

Fast and simple protection for your data on your computer

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: O&O Software

Release: O&O AutoBackup 6 Professional Edition 6.0 build 80

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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O&O AutoBackup 6 Professional Edition for Windows is data backup software that protects any and all important data on your PC even if you've never backed up your computer or haven't done so in a long time. It does this by taking your selected files and folder and automatically synchronizing them with an external device like a USB disk, USB stick, etc.). So if you are concerned over your dissertation files and want to make sure you always have a backup for them, without having to think about it, O&O AutoBackup 6 PRO will create backup copies of your files and maintain any changes you make to the files until your next generated backup.

Some of the features of O&O AutoBackup 6 Pro include different options of backup. Unless a full backup or backup from a certain period has already been made, that it has just just recently. Setting it to async with your system once or synchronize it in real-time is also possible.With an external drive connected to your computer, automatically backs up files whenever you access them. This application is run on an external device, so is portable, and can run anywhere a power cord is available. Upon release, the system will be compatible with all Windows versions as well as Windows 10.

O&O AutoBackup 6 PRO is a fast and automatic option for backing up data on an external device. It is a beneficial option as you only have to make a single configuration the first time you use it, and after that, everything is done for you. If you attach the external drive, everything works automatically. Your backups can also be customized if you wish them to be done at a particular time.

Customizable backup system that works with all Windows versions

  • Full backup or partial
  • Easy to Use and Install
  • Portable
  • Windows 10 accessible
  • Customizable schedule for backups
This can be used as an automatic backup solution. Providing the benefit of peace of mind to a professional performing multiple projections. Opens up options for users in use of their preferred Operating System, as well as Windows compatibility. Would depend on O&O to be there for my important working projects. The products tested, approved, and tried are what you are used to. All of my teammates would be more than satisfied with a back up auto. It's free and easy to try!
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