by NV Access

A free, open-source, portable screen reader for Microsoft Windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: NV Access

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Last revision: Last week

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Non-Visual Display Access (NVDA) - It translates literally into "Desktop accessibility without visual control". Blind (or visually impaired) users can use this application of vision on their PCs without actually having sight control (application of vision). It is completely free software for Windows. The program displays all information with visual means and visually accessible by special subtitles.

NVDA has open source code. Because of this, anybody with ideas on how to improve the program could contribute to its development. By bringing the project about, we will be able to fulfill the potential of full visual reading without the use of sight. Quite a few programs and devices intended for the visually impaired cost a very significant amount, whereas the visually impaired can access NVDA for free. You can do things with a lot of data with the support of NVDA.bit Windows. In addition, the program can be successfully used even without installing graphics card drivers, according to the information. Over twenty languages are supported by the program, its list of languages is constantly updated. Disability advocates say that it supports punctuation and the display of Braille. NVDA software is compatible with almost all popular speech synthesizers (as opposed to paid software of the type).

- A list of 20 different languages is available. To start the program for the first time, it should communicate with you in your language using its ESpeak Sound Synthesizer;.

- Braille displays and sapi4 and sapi5 are supported; Newfon and RHVoice can also be accessed from this device as well.

- Make global plugins from Python in a completely open source format. The development may be carried out by anyone;

- support for 32/64-bit Windows. Installing additional software and drivers is not required for the program. Working with the Microsoft Operating System's initial configuration.

- You can download the program free of charge completely.

Non-Display Access that controls the desktop does not give users control over images. Using software, visually impaired users are able to work with a computer without visual assist. Every piece of information must be accessible using speech and a special display for visual disabilities.
As viewers of TV can visually see what's on screen, there is a crucial tool called a "screen reader." The screen reader must be used by blind and visually impaired viewers to translate visual information into language.
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