An Open Source Sega Dreamcast and NAOMI Emulator

Operating system: Windows

Release: NullDC 1.0.4

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Last revision: Last week

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NullDC is an Open Source Sega Dreamcast and NAOMI Emulator for Windows Operating Systems. NullDC requires DirectX 9.If you have Visual C++ libraries, VC++ runtimes, or 0c runtime libraries, you can perform modem emulation with WinPcap. Please do not forget to update the BIOS as well. To map buttons, consider installing the optional program in your computer - NullDC does not have internal documentation that lets you do this. The NullDC application uses several plugins for graphic development, such as importing Photoshop, rendering Flash and sending CDs through a USB drive.Games and sound files, as well as disks and memory cards used for roms. Moreover, during the load of plugin on a single console controller, NullDC also supports a variety of plugins for a number of emulator elements, so there was a miniature LCD screen on console controllers if desired which displayed integrated images directly on the console controller in terms of its mode.

A number of older SEGA Dreamcast and NAOMI Emulator games are playable with no more trouble thanks to NullDC. This is an essential item if you want to be able to enjoy the nostalgia of a SEGA Dreamcast, and it comes packed with numerous games.


Highest Compatibility Emulator for Sega Dreamcast and NAOMI
  • Highest Compatibility
  • Support for GamePads
  • Allows for outside Author Contributions
  • Supports Stereoscopy for NVIDIA stereo 3d drivers
  • Fog Effect emulation
  • Support for Dreamcast VMU
  • Experimental DSP sound effects

NullDC is not currently still in development or being supported by the developer. In spite of this, as it is an OpenSourced tool, it is still an Open Source Emulator that community members have supported. The following is an overview of what might arise if you use GitHub. If you are interested in Dreamcast Emulation, then NullDC is the best. If you are interested in playing games such as Shenmue, Crazy Taxi, Soul Calibur, Dynamite Cop and more, then this is the emulator for you! A more significant improvement may occur than on the original console.


Windows or Linux

DirectX 9.0c

It includes many C++ runtime libraries.

BIOS Files


FREE (Open Source)

Jeff Harvey
As an old-With my educational background, I miss taking advantage of DreamCast and playing CrazyTaxi on the weekends. Despite having used the same product for quite some time now, I have returned to enjoying games and have returned to their use. It was an incredible experience on all fronts, ultimately a product that stood out as unique and just right for a niche.
With the help of NullDC on Windows, you can easily get NAOMI. There is an optional Gamepad, though separately downloaded buttons are required. There are several reasons it is one of the best compatible with virtually all types of audio, and it can be especially effective in foggy situations. Dynamite Cop and Crazy Taxi are two games that should be run with this emulator. Sega Dreamcast Emulator of the Best.
This software offers a number of good features. As a quick aside, it is open.Its simplicity makes it perfect for almost any user across platforms. As an arcade version of this NAOMI emulator, it is based on it. This software combines several characteristics, however, including SEGA's Dreamcast emulation and final release of the program. What is more ideal for playing is this.I have a running PC and it runs fine.
Adam Simpkins
The Steam Dreamcast emulator by drk =||Raziel and ZeZu has been released open-source. The MIT license was used to release it.
A Dreamcast emulator for Windows is available through NullDC. The service allows you to run games that are both NBA and Sonic Adventure themed. There is a wide selection of games available for downloading, allowing game players to take on the challenges. Learn how to install the Windows PC emulator and how to run it. The process should be fairly straightforward. Additionally, a game's player's view of the emulator can change based on what tips they follow for playing the game.
This software will let you run all the SEGA games on your PC easily and without the hassle that come with them. If you love the SEGA games but don't want to hassle anyone else, this is perfect. You can install it on any device with any operating system. This emulator works well for SEGA's most popular games. Besides supporting an emulator plugins, it supports ISO images. As the only emulator designed specifically for SEGA game consoles, it is invaluable. This free program needs to be properly controlled by your BIOS in order to work.
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