NTLite (nLite)

by Dino Nuhagic (nuhi)

Allows for downloading latest windows devices

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Dino Nuhagic (nuhi)

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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In an easy to use way, NTLite.to-When Windows is run in a graphical user interface, unnecessary components can be removed (e.g.In some cases (e.g. Microsoft Explorer or Messenger), you'll need to install the operating system first. As part of the distribution kit, drivers and favorite programs can be added. During Windows installation, all of them will be installed automatically. As part of the creation process of the system, you will be able to alter a substantial number of settings and tweets. In addition to adding several commands to the distribution, experienced users will be able to run them automatically.

This distribution can be put directly on the disk and used as a computer image if it's created. If NTLite is performing properly, all options are conveniently grouped into several windows when doing various functions. All of this work is essentially to confirm the boxes, and NTLite will never miss an opportunity to give you suggestions or comments as to what needs to be done.

How to use NTLite

To get started, you need to insert a disk with the original Windows distribution into the drive and specify the program folder where the working files will be stored. During this moment, the drive can be ejected. If this happened nLite must have copied everything into this folder. This will no longer be necessary;

As a matter of fact, if you have no choice and need to integrate an update such as security one, you can use the layouts to do it. It is vital that files to be added need to be on hard drives along with the service pack.

It is next time you will be able to remove the Windows components. A total of every module in the system will be categorized into a group or category. (Learn what components are associated with the necessary modules, do not delete them accidentally); As a reminder, all critical modules need to be marked in red.

To complete this step, you can add drivers and some programs to your distribution, adjust settings and system tweaks to the distribution. create Windows so that it will automatically install no matter where you are; To create a Windows that automatically installs without users intervention, simply enter the serial number, correct regional settings, etc. to create Windows that automatically installs.

You need to create an integrated distribution with all the files and the changes to nLite as solid copies, so that you can burn them to CDs, DVDs or save them to hard drives.

- Service Pack integration;

- Removal of components;

- automatic installation;

- driver integration;

- Hotfixes and security updates integrated;

- settings and tweets;

- corrections;

- Creating bootable ISO images and presenting them to customers.

I think it is rather unrefined to the website for this product. Improved color palates improve the product's credibility and help users avoid buying one product too often. Also, listing a list of instructions instead of paragraphs would make the process simpler. Yet the product itself does not seem overly useful, since I usually do not install any preinstalled programs on my OS. Using software to reduce the clutter on my computer would be awesome.
The product description may not be appealing to anyone who does not work in IT. Additionally, using NTLite with numbers of steps would be a good idea, so you can follow along.
The software N Lite belongs to the small but popular group of Windows applications that other comupters use. Windows 7-intome versions that were created on an unofficial basis can be made.As a platform platform, anyone can make a lot of learnings from there. It is very interesting and I would highly recommend.
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