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Free Open Source Program to Organize & Keep Up With Your Favorite TV Shows & Movies

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Novaroma

Release: Novaroma

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Last revision: Last week

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Novaroma is a powerful, widespread, and comprehensive search engine eliminating the need to jump from site to site around the web to find what you're looking for. It is also equipped with an automatic selection feature, which helps you eliminate the undesirable items without wasting time manually.So this app won't stop searching because it never ends looking!! Furthermore, it makes the user experience simple and user-friendly.Using the library interface to browse and watch your collection at one time. This is great for updating your existing collection or downloading new items.


  • Widespread Comprehensive Search Parameters

    Novaroma is not only a powerful and comprehensive search engine loaded with customizable features, it also provides a simple user friendly library interface that integrates all of your current Movies & TV with all of the new ones now at your fingertips!
  • Easy to Use Download & Library Interface

  • Customized Search & Download Filters

  • Auto Download Option

  • Notifications for Started and/or Finished Downloads

  • Additional Data & Features for Specific Titles* (Optional)

  • Automatically Include Subtitles in Downloads* (Optional)

  • File Organization Options

  • Right-Click Menu Integration

  • Database Back-Up Services

  • Integrated with DLNA Media Servers (XMBC, Plex, Kodi, PlayStation, Etc)

  • Script Services for Developers

  • Plugin Support

*Optional Features Based on Availability

The uTorrent VPN client and Noverama can be used together. Upon opening your mobile site with Noverama, you will need the desktop version of the program to open it.

Novaroma (8.62 MB)
Novaroma (8.67 MB)
People benefit a great deal from using these types of technologies. With this software, I've worked with it for years. My use of this product will increase.
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