by Dynamsoft

Create and share sticky notes for organization

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Dynamsoft

Release: Notezilla 8.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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By using this app, you can create sticky notes (like real Post-It notes) from your phone or computer on the same Windows Desktop you use to write paper.


  • Type a note without changing tasks
  • Always on top of other apps
  • Set reminders
  • Share and sync with other computers and apps
  • Create memo boards to keep the desktop clean
  • Stick notes to apps, programs, and even webpages
  • Add images or checklists to your sticky note
  • Assign tags for organization
  • Use LAN to exchange notes between computers
  • iPhone or Android
  • Portable
  • Customized skins available
  • Supports spell check

If you've ever stuck a Post-It note on your laptop or in your wallet, you need to use Notezilla. Make any note in documents, webpages, or any other program while you are working. You can upload images and tags to make notes more readily accessible in the future, unlike notes that actually have words in their titles. Notes can also be left for co-workers.A check belongs to workers, as do pay envelopes.There is no need to open up another program when you are working, since notes are always at the top of your list. The convenience of being able to draw inspiration without having to rush. Not to mention there is no charge to purchase Post-Its. Additionally, neither do you run out of gas -- either you never run out, either - you never run out either - you never run out either - You simply need to delete the file if it isn't necessary. Also, keeping all your notes in the cloud won't be a problem if your phone accidentally deletes an important note.

Software that can sync notes between computers and platforms.

And if you're in the middle of a project you can set up necessary reminders to check a note, keeping you on task and focused. If you need to keep track of notes on the go, you'll find it to be especially useful. The app is available for both iPhone and Android devices. It is a very useful activity to access your notes even while away from your laptop. It'll be easier for you to keep track of your sticky notes at the bottom of your bag and purse again.

A host of Windows 10, 8, Vista, 7, and XP versions are available. iOS and Android users can access this content. Free trial available. In the past it was referred to Quick Notes Plus.

Notezilla 8.0 (19.52 MB)
Notezilla 8.0.11 (12.15 MB)
Notezilla 8.0.12 (12.11 MB)
Notezilla 8.0.13 (12.06 MB)
Notezilla 8.0.14 (12.12 MB)
Notezilla 8.0.16 (12.15 MB)
Notezilla 8.0.17 (12.16 MB)
Notezilla 8.0.19 (12.13 MB)
Notezilla 8.0.20 (12.22 MB)
Notezilla 8.0.21 (12.13 MB)
Notezilla 8.0.22 (11.84 MB)
Notezilla 8.0.23 (12.97 MB)
Notezilla 8.0.24 (13.01 MB)
Notezilla 8.0.26 (13.3 MB)
Notezilla 8.0.27 (13.3 MB)
Notezilla 8.0.28 (13.32 MB)
Notezilla 8.0.29 (13.23 MB)
Notezilla 8.0.30 (13.29 MB)
Notezilla 8.0.31 (13.24 MB)
Notezilla 8.0.34 (19.58 MB)
Notezilla 8.0.35 (19.52 MB)
Gizem Zambezi
It is something I enjoy and especially at work. You may find sticky notes useful for reminding you of things or keeping track of important projects you're working on. Being able to share your notes with coworkers and even send them lists is one advantage of this product. With this method, notes would be shared among team members in a much more natural way, and each person could each have a personal reminder on his or her desktop for the day, resulting in better meetings.Lists need to be done at work for that day.
sam dow
Software that can sync notes between computers and platforms.
In a work like this, a creative mind, who's unsure about what to do, gets the support they need from a regimented taskmaster. note card you receive every day! With the ability to specify custom functions for each user, Notezilla provides unlimited possibilities. You won't find it clumsy or heavy, nor does it affect the thoughts at hand when you open it. With more people relying on smartphones to take most of their calls, integration with the most recent mobile platforms is an especially helpful tool. Similarly, Notezilla is a cloud-based application that supports everything from security to collaboration to backup. There's nothing you can't remember.
As opposed to an existing program for a business, Notezilla takes advantage of a lot of functionality. notes and works with Apple products, but you must have an Android device for this to work. As there are some people who do prefer other technologies, users will find it beneficial. Instead of having to sit in the office for weeks, it saves you on virtual packing. We often use Trello boards in our small business as a way to keep track of our projects.
I always found this application to be the best sticky note application I have ever used. Default Windows 10 is limited in freedom as well as flexibility in comparison to Notezilla. In addition to being able to sync this all over my other devices, it comes free. The stickies are also accessible when edited and when removed. Several other features can also be found in the user interface including images, tags, labels, themes, fonts, and the ability to use the LAN for sending stickies.
Kayden Waite
This program is really appealing to me. My daily tasks include taking notes at a rapid pace and keeping them in Word with Notezilla. I have an extensive organizing ability and make it seem as though everything was neatly organized.
For anyone who has a lot of obligations in their daily lives, Notezilla is pretty useful. I can easily keep track of my work requirements with this piece of software. Sticky notes give you quick access to the tasks I need to complete, you can actually cross-check tasks to ensure that they don't repeat and create private locked sticky notes with passwords that can be useful if at work you need to maintain the privacy of documents. Productivity-wise, this software is just great.
If you are lucky, you will see sticky notes attached to all of your email messages. It is probably in fact very cluttered and difficult to see in places. What do you think about running e within your computer? With Notezilla, that becomes a reality. There is a unique software program called Notezilla that transforms the traditional way your digital workspace is organized. It offers many tools, such as creating reminders, allowing notes to be collected in one place, categorizing them by checklisting, adding tags and labelling, sending them through the email, and so on. In this way, notezilla takes advantage of the classic stickiness of sticky notes and turns it into a mobile companion that you wouldn't wish away.
Are you organized? If you do not use sticky notes to remember important information, does the best way to lose it? Do you regularly write the r important information on a piece of paper or use sticky notes to remember them? Do you remember telling some friends that you were going to use your computer to make a sticky note??. In the world of sticky notes, we now have the Notezilla for Windows software that provides a real-world style sticky note that functions by ociating itself with your screen and letting you clearly mark out information on it.
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