by Giorgio Maone

NoScript allows active content only for trusted domains of your choice to prevent exploitation

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Giorgio Maone

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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NoScript provides additional protection for your Mozilla Firefox or Flock browser: With this extension, JavaScript and Java Applications cannot be run over any domain other than the selected domain (e.g.g. bank website).

With this approach, you can preserve the function of the "white list" and limit the impact of security vulnerabilities (known and unknown). You can activate JavaScript/Java execution for trusted websites by simply clicking on the NoScript icon or using the context menu.

It works great, I have been using noscript for years, and I absolutely cannot live without it and I can not imagine surfing the web without it. Without this feature, it would be impossible to use firefox without so many ads that it would take forever. You would have to click away all the pop up windows the entire time because of how many ads it blocks.
This extension by Giorgio Maone is intended to protect Mozilla Firefox with NoScript, however; it only supports JavaScript and Java applications and may therefore not work when used for all domains.
It provides protection to the Mozilla Mozilla or flock file system and prevents security vulnerabilities that are used with java from losing functions; it provides java compatibility with these systems. Clicking on the icon can activate the following services.
DjVu Browser Plug-in logo
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Among many other features, undo does undo closed windows and tabs and lets them back in.
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