Norton Ghost

by Symantec

Windows' drive-time visualiser features support 3D graphics.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Symantec

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Last revision: Last week

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Norton Ghost includes advanced data archiving and recovery capabilities for personal computers. It is possible to create an exact copy of the hard disk (you do not need to reboot your computer), including for its transfer to another hard disk, and Norton Ghost supports not only the transfer of the operating system, but also the installation of individual applications. Using FireWire technology, it can process up to 10GB of data in just 30 seconds, record automatically based on a system, copy backups automatically to CDs, DVDs and network drives, and perform multiple disaster recovery disc acts quickly.

We also encourage our users to installEasyRecovery and R-Sync.Recovery of data from Studio Data.

- The solution allows you to fully restore the system, and you can keep backup files.

- Creates events and schedules based on input from the scheduling team.based backups

- An option which lets you restore an operating system when it has failed.

- System backups based on the main image disk. Ensures that the hard drive or hard disk is protected with a backup.

- You may also use this feature to make changes to your files and folders. In addition to backing up the entire drive, it can also back up individual files and folders.

- Incremental backup - To help save time and memory, back up only modified files when necessary.

- Backwards compatibility - allows you to restore data from previous versions of Norton Ghost or Norton Save & Restore

- Load management - Keeping your systems open allows you to keep working, while minimizing the amount of resources that go into it.

- Event Backup - The software automatically backs up important information like installing software or saving significant amounts of data when it occurs.

- The new compression algorithm and encryption algorithm are much improved. Ensure that sensitive documents are protected by saving as much memory as possible.

- Integrating GoogleTM desktop with Google Desktop - a solution for Desktop Search index-Data recovery times are increased with based backups.

- Memory management - Backups can be monitored and optimized using the disk space monitoring and optimization feature.

- Summary of System Status - tificance Summary - The window displays all of the scheduled backup operations for each of the disks on your computer.

- Remote management - In addition to Norton Ghost 12, you may manage other instances on your network using this tool. Norton Ghost 12 cannot be installed if you do not have one.A license is needed when one of the other computers is connected to the network, not 0 on the first computer.)

- LightsOut Restore - After installing any of the software on the hard disk, the system is restored by using no bootable CD required.

- You can create virtual disks if you want. Using VMWare® Virtual Disk () can convert recovery points on the recovery servers.With Virtual Disk Management (VDK) or Microsoft® Virtual Disk (WDD) you can play your favorite game in your computer.vhd).

If you want to take your computer into the latest, Norton Ghost might be what you need, especially if you want to restore your entire network or choose folders or files from your drives. Additionally, the software creates restoration points, which keep your computer secure as well as detecting any risky software you may want to remove. When it comes to storing files digitally, having the software available is essential to enabling one to securely keep track of their precious data.
Documents will be backed up as well as images stored on your drives through this program. Due to the way in which it plays another file without silently editing it also results in lost important files. I don't think this software is compatible with Windows 10.
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