Non-Stop Copy

by Дмитрий Сергеев

Program developed by DS for copying corrupted files from various media storage devices

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Дмитрий Сергеев

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

Report misleading

Non-Stop Copy allows you to copy corrupted files from any media, recovering information from bad sectors. A sector is then transformed into zeros when it is impossible to identify the source of data.

Using the original algorithm to transfer a file evenly involves: - Applying a double layer of material to the single layer of data to ensure an accurate result, eg. Duplicates are a little faster but it's always accurate - accurate detailing, duplicate copies are a little quicker but it's always accurate detailing, duplicate bad sectors are a little faster - As fast as possible, the process moves through it.

The software can stop copying and allow the continuation of copying from anywhere in the file to that position, with no need to restart tools where copying ended with other tools.

In many cases it is possible to save the files as one file.

Several clearly marked damages were shown along with a detailed overview of which sectors were copied.

Neither the program nor its structure have changed much. Even though I've been updating it for some time, it still works.

- Access to directories is available through this feature.

- Does not require installation; installation does not require an installation;

- command line support;

- The copying process; Waiting for the medium to be extracted when it is finished.

- Automation - Should you exit the program or shut down all copies and restart from scratch?;.

- very small size;

- If the operating system supports media types and file systems, it makes sense; d any type of media and any file system supported by the operating system;

- Resource consumption in a low-powered system *2; ;

- This tea will not make any low-bases.The level of reading based upon the degree of difficulty and/or information needed.

- Work is conducted efficiently and quickly; the completion is highly efficient and successful

and so on.

Non-A variety of media storage devices and several media replication formats are replicated through Stop Copy for Windows, by DS. Four steps are involved in the process: The quality of copy as well as the exact detailing, if possible, on a bad sector. Different sources can be copied for a given file. It can also continue its same process from any position of the file when using this software. With command line access to remote locations, there's never been a better time for networking. Automation - The copy is completed and the computer has to shut down completely. Cons: Errors are prevented from occurring, copying large files takes too long and recovery is slow.
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