by NeuroDimension, Inc

A neural network development suite with intuitive wizards and an Excel interface

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: NeuroDimension, Inc

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NeuroSolutions is a multifunctional tool designed specifically for neural network design. As well as being used for research, networking allows for the solution of real issues. Using modern algorithms, we have been able to build an almost limitless network that combines genetic optimization with training algorithms.

If you want a set of existing networks, you can also create your own network using the ones already developed. briefly explain how the networks operate, as well as their primary features. In doing so, you will be able to get a better understanding of the most common neural networks and be able to easily interact with the tools offered by the program. Additionally, the design employs a dynamic library so that a runtime application can easily implement its built model (DLL).

- With Neural Network Creation, it's possible to build neural networks of any complexity in a single step.

- Ready-made sets can be obtained n available - a set of ready-made - ready-made sets on...Each lable,, with a brief description for each;

- Genetic Optimization: this exists in humans.

- Data extraction and entry in Excel documents; system interaction.

- The use of DLL libraries is crucial in integrating neural networks with your software.

Managing your network in all different software scenarios, including when you work in a data center, means all your work is done easily. It doesn't matter if you're at work, be they in a department or not, you can run this.
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