by SoftPerfect Research LLC

The reports are aimed at Windows, macOS, and Linux users to monitor bandwidth usage, and analyze data usage.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: SoftPerfect Research LLC

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Last revision: Last week

Report misleading

The program NetWorx is very intuitive in its ability to keep track of Internet traffic. With this tool, you can record Internet traffic statistics, as well as track the speed of your network connection and even use it as a calendar.

In NetWorx, it is possible to discover possible sources of network problems, show the use of Internet traffic within the traffic limit set by the provider, or to investigate suspicious traffic activity of Trojans and hacker groups on the network.

Connecting to the network with both your router and a PC (such as with Ethernet or PPP) is possible with this program.

Visual and audible warnings can also be requested through the program. Using it, your connection speed could be lowered when a high volume of data is detected or when a slow connection is suspected.

A feature of this program is that it automatically disconnects all connections, via modem, to the computer and shuts down that computer.

As of today, inbound and outbound traffic from the network are displayed in line charts, so that you may always view both daily and weekly reports.

Microsoft Word, HTML, and Excel are among the formats that can be used to export the reports for further analysis.

- How to measure and monitor the connection to and from the Internet.

- The measurement and monitoring of your Internet traffic;); ;

- As with other online data safety instruments, you can use this one to check whether your provider gives you enough data for Internet usage.

- Maintains a list of suspicious network activity; tracks the flow of traffic on the network.

- By performing a simple network query such as ping or tu; makes a list of the available locations.

- There is an overproduction of Internet traffic here.

My admiration for Networx is high since it monitors bandwidth at a high level. With the recent move to a new city, I had no idea why my connection was so poor. Having experienced many failures with my ISP and taking different hardware to resolve my issue, I finally decided to do a deeper dive into my network problems. My router told me I had a bandwidth hog on my network, yet Networx was able to figure out what it was. If you are considering improving your control over your network, then I highly recommend this product.
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