The latest open-source foresic analysis tool.

Operating system: Windows

Release: NetworkMiner 2.4.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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an open-source network monitoring program that can be used as a passive program. Users of Windows, Linux, Mac, and FreeBSD may use it. With this you can detect Operating System OS, session names, hostnames, open ports as well as how long they're open. We put all this data in a format that is quick, easy to recognize, and provides forensic investigators with useful time savings. Since the release of NetworkMiner in 2007, it has become a popular tool used all over the world by incident response teams and law enforcement.


  • Live Sniffing
  • Parse PCAP, PcapNG files
  • Extract FTP, SMB, SMTP, POP3, and Other traffic
  • Runs on Multiple Operating Systems
  • Easily export information to excel files
  • Audio Extraction and playback of VOIP calls
  • OS Fingerprinting
  • GEO IP localization
  • Web Browser Tracing
  • Online Ad Tracker Detection

In conclusion, this is software that is used all over the globe. has plenty of great reviews and is free to use. The software does all the same functions and will not set you back a dollar. It is cross-Having the device be platform compatible means you don't have to shell out additional funds. When you do not need that extra equipment, nor do you need someone who works for Linux guru, you do not hire anyone to do this for you. Crime can be drastically reduced by this program, as well as assisting with needed support and keeping people informed about crime and safety. Some lesser technical people can even have access to information by logging onto the program. Take the example of your accounting team needing data it can access via its favorite software. excel. Similarly, audio files can be saved so that the judge can use them at the trial if he requires them. The song is not only sung from a cell phone to a jury, but also sung on a personal device. Would you like a to carry around on a USB drive? It is incredibly easy to get by that way. The entire program was just fantastic.

Using our intuitive user interface, you can analyze network traffic easily.

The NetworkMiner solution will be much more expensive or better however.

Joe Hargis
During my job as a security professional, I need to collect and analyze network traffic and data constantly. If our company needs to guarantee their products and services are safe, this software provides that level of assurance. I had to say, it was really amazing how unique the product was, how fitting it was for a niche, and ultimately what made it stand out.
An important aspect of running Information Technology departments as well as conducting operations and running new data centers is bringing these sites online. In response to this, Systems developed a set of features tailored to the enterprise sector.
Thanks to this product, the court system will be served better and the cases will be organized more professionally by judges, police, etc. It's free, and that's what's the craziest part. You might not want to download programs just because they are less brain-racking for your computer.
Oliver Rash
As an OS explorer and other settings can be detected via Network Miner. Makes my job easy to do and helps me streamline my process. I find it to be fantastic that it is free. I can find this amazing tool in any IT belt.
It has to be the best network miner ever.Using it makes my life easier.This all comes down to one thing: simplicity.You can analyse this data in a simple way.Using parsing and extraction technology, and in addition to extracting audio you can also make a lot of documents out of them.It allows you to use your fingers for printing.My life is made more rewarding with these steps.
Windows uses this as a network. Upon detecting the OS, host name, and opening ports, it can open up all ports within the host's file. In addition, it is able to take transmitted files with it, making your network load less heavy. As of today, this application has more than 200,000 downloads, and can be downloaded on Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1.A version of Windows 10 or an older version of Windows will do.
The NetworkMiner program is an easy-to-use and very effective tool for analysis. A great addition to this analysis tool is that it helps to determine the system without any unnecessary traffic. This system provides a large amount of benefits, as one of the main ones is its simple operating.
A good network sniffing and packet analysis tool will often be hard to find, but NetworkMiner is among the best currently available. By using this program, you're able to analyze network traffic and customize your parameters in no time. With this tool, you will be able to identify the operating system, sessions, or hostname easily. Security companies use it for a variety of reasons and I highly recommend it.
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