Network Inventory Advisor

by Clearapps

Collect and monitor data about the hardware and software on the connected network devices

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Clearapps

Release: Network Inventory Advisor 5.0.167

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

Report misleading

This tool is easily implemented by Network Administrators since it tracks the various devices that make up a computer, as well as the hardware running on the machine. IT can then view the specifications on every connected computer, providing a very fast and reliable decision on what hardware or software to upgrade or replace. All that data is available from this program therefore eliminating a significant amount of time spent by customers.


  • Fast and powerful, this program runs on Windows and displays the hardware specifications of connected devices so that you can quickly figure out where they are located.
  • There is a systematic and clean layout that reveals the version of the software being run, which is an indication of whether the software is as old as it seems or whether there needs to be an update.
  • Provides data mining products that offer detailed information needed by the IT department to conduct routine audits.
  • Among the programs run by the program is Anti-, which provides detailed information.In addition, it displays if the program needs any attention or if it is up-to-date.
  • The tool makes it easy to see information about hundreds of different types of hardware and software and saves time-consuming manually checking the hardware and software of computers.

As a network administrator/IT professional, I would not have been able to find anything quite like this in the market, especially if I didn't want to waste time and resources. It even simplifies the process of storing and archiving my files much. With this application, I am able to view which hardware I am running, make an instant decision if something has to be upgraded or replaced, and then I can see and compare which network devices have been updated in the last 12 months through one central location. Whenever I prepare a report, I organize it by quarter so I have all the information I need at the end of the year.

The program can be used to track the connected hardware that runs on the network and gather data on each of them quickly. It also facilitates detailed analysis and tracking of the information on the programs running on it.

Both Windows and Linux versions are used. In addition to being capable of supporting the full range of network networks, it is also capable of supporting multiple file types at the same time.

Taking this software could help track my networking activities and usage at the same time, because, honestly, when I use it, it would be easier for me to know what is actually occurring inside my business.
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