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Gather and display data about WiFi networks

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Nuts About Nets

Release: NetSurveyor

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The Network Discovery Tools classification lists Netsurveyor in the following order. Using the tools of netsurveyor, you can collect information about two nearby wireless networks/access points as well as your wireless network. There are many benefits to using network survey tools. With Netsurveyor, you can easily check the status of the network around you in real time, detecting trouble and updating only periodically. A good netsurveyor is a valuable tool when it comes to construction and maintenance of networks. Using it while setting up your wireless network, analyze your network bandwidth to optimize range and reliability for maximum effectiveness. Monitoring it from the comfort of your existing network is recommended when resolving network problems and connectivity issues. Also, check for illegal accessed components or rogue access points on your network. Additionally, the functionality of netsurveyor allows you to compare current performance of your wireless network with performances in the past, and the feature is available to record data.

The capabilities of netsurveyor are also accessible as learners. As part of their wireless survey, Netsurveyor collected and displayed the data on six easily identifiable easy-to-see yet detailed graphics and charts that helps you quickly gather details about both wireless access points and wireless networks.


Compared with other sites, Netsurveyor offers many significant features for free that set it apart from the competition.
  • Affordable- The Netsurveyor program is free, and there is no license requirement. Install on as many machines as you want
  • Ability to generate PDF reports of the information
  • Records and logs data- Using Netsurveyors you can easily find out exactly what you need to know without having to hire an outside company.linear playback features
  • 'Demo mode' allows you to test features even if you are not currently connected through WiFi

If free, powerful, and intuitive software is what you need to get the job done, Netsurveyor will fit the bill. Create a Netsurvey to learn as much about your network as you need to make your networks decisions.

Additional requirements:

  • Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7
  • File size: 13.4 MB
  • Runs on NDIS 5.x driver (or later)
Roger Smith
My wifi network is causing issues so I wanted to do something to manage it remotely. After learning about the program, I found how easy it was to download data from the program. The program made me fall in love and solve the problem so quickly.
Using this program, I am able to identify and correct issues with my WiFi when they are not functioning properly. A Net Sampler is used to compare my connection to others like me based on their wifi activity. Additionally, I get free access as well.
As part of NetSurveyor, users can gather information about wireless networks and access points based on a variety of tools. Monitoring network performance via NetSurveyor is easy and reliable since you have access to it constantly. An analysis of wireless performance may also be helpful in determining what is causing the issue.
On NetSurveyor for Windows, you can enable this feature so that the Network Discovery section can determine the type of network signal strength, and on the same hand, you can modify Data Playback so that it determines a time of the channel change. the main page for detecting any issues with your network connection, as we see various tabs showing the program's Start time, recording period, number of scans recorded, as well as the size of the data file.
Networking software NetSurveyor runs on any Linux or Windows platform. Some of the pictures seem outdated and lack any user interface.It is always friendly if you know as much about the program as you need to. is available, even if an integrated wireless adapter is not available when trying to use the demo mode. A grid of 6 graphical diagnostic views is also included in the software. Each of its access points and their properties is generated a PDF document using it. Troubleshooting existing networks and wireless environments that are experiencing problems is performed by an in-house troubleshooter as well.
Windows users need an easy way to find out what NetSurveyor is all about. Whenever I open a VPN device, nearby WiFi will be detected. A colorful graph displays data within its interface. In my opinion, it's incredibly cool for the visual artist to do this. visually; not just numbers alone. If you are interested in generating the files, make sure I also use NetTools.I am providing graphs as a PDF format. This free software was so exciting that I downloaded it.
An average score is 80 for NetSurveyor.An important piece of network disclosure software is the WiFi disclosure device, which assembles pertinent information about neighboring distant passages systematically and presents the results for your users. Remote networks should be explored and discovered. Remarkably free and classified in the category Networking programs, NetSurveyor is remarkable in its simplicity and ease of use. A set of NetSurveyor can be used to analyze results on data points.With advanced data assembler and tracking device, these information about organizations and passages are shown in detail. NetSurveyor makes use of the latest technology to determine issues with network. It is believed to come under WiFi scanning tools, like 802.11b/g and g.With 11 network discovery tools, you can access the most information.
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