by Tsarfin Computing Ltd.

A network monitoring software.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Tsarfin Computing Ltd.

Release: NetGong 8.9

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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NetGong is high tech, incredibly smart software used to monitor users/devices, and activity made on certain networks. NetGong is perfect for Network Administrators, businesses, and other small companies. The program is simple to use and installs quickly. Immediately, netGong has you up and running with nothing more than the previous installment's action. (No need to be a tech genius to navigate this software)

NetGong allows for simple use and amazing features. A user of this software can filter their internet/network activity and keep an eye on it. Its purpose is to distribute responsibility in a timely manner and to tailor the application. There is a choice for businesses of all sizes. Furthermore, 24 hour supervision is available.

Your system will alert you if there is a suspicious activity detected through voice, email, or third-parties. This wireless device monitoring system allows you to track all devices connecting to your network at the same time. alerts in order to only notify the most important data to you. The majority of these emails may be unnecessary. Having a running browser makes it possible for you to view alerts on a variety of devices.

The free, inexpensive NetGong software for Microsoft comes with a great number of network protection features, which you love. Create a lasting impression on your boss with this intuitive interface and modern software. In any case, you can toggle to disable mode without getting alerts if you need to rest. find out about essential monitoring software if you're in need, and ensure that your network is tuned up. Filter your business agenda on a daily basis with NetGong.

With ease and low cost t of using and affordable for all!

  • Easy to use- It ensures that each device has the same installation, even if it has not started already.
  • A technical support team is always available to answer questions 24/7. Our daily lives must go on as normal.
  • Alert notifications- Utilizing third-party software for email notifications, calls and texts, or through phone calls and voicemail.
  • Many features- NetGong does not sacrifice any specs on this software, which is why it is such a good deal for a low price.
  • Remote coverage- If your device supports web browser support, you can access NetGong data.
  • Disable mode- Activating monitoring mode will allow you to deactivate it temporarily.
  • HTML format- An easy notifications in HTML for showing on a user's browser.

It is necessary to have a Windows operating system.

I have to say that installation is very easy. You also had a very simple system set up. Node functionality that gives you a few options to notify us when we receive bad news. Additionally, being able to add custom sounds was an outstanding feature.
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