by Bdrive Inc

A drive for your network to back up programs

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Bdrive Inc

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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NetDrive allows you to connect remote data storages, including FTP, in the form of a local disk for access through the usual conductor. Those who use data remotely often will find that the utility is useful. User comfort and simplicity are made apparent through an intuitive interface.

Alternatively, uploading files to a remote location can only be done while the OS is still active. You can watch videos, listen to audio and run applications in the same way as you would from a computer's hard drive. Working with servers is also very simple, just fill in the necessary information for login once and save it as a record. That is, after filling in the IP, URL, port, server type, local disk letter and other information fields, there is a possibility of automatic connection of the remote disk immediately after the system start. NetDrive doesn't burden the system, but you need fast internet access to unlock its full potential. built-in help function, so even beginners can help learn the basics of how it works.

- A local drive should be used to display the remote on.

- Using normal drag and drop from the explorer, these files can be transferred.

- This means that files from local disks can be run.

- When the system begins, it automatically mounts the remote disc (which is connected to the machine's remote).

- A developer's SDK for OEMs to enhance their development processes.

NetDrive 3.1.218 (72.73 MB)
NetDrive 3.1.234 (72.71 MB)
NetDrive 3.1.284 (72.87 MB)
NetDrive 3.1.286 (72.87 MB)
NetDrive 3.2.324 (74.02 MB)
NetDrive 3.3.349 (74.18 MB)
NetDrive 3.4.398 (74.29 MB)
NetDrive 3.5.434 (76.96 MB)
NetDrive 3.6.548.0 (78.47 MB)
NetDrive 3.6.571 (78.49 MB)
For those of you who have not heard of NetDrive, NetDrive for Windows is a program that enables one to use remote storage devices with my device. The tool is incredibly simple to access data from existing files on your PC. It can easily access your virtual folders based on the location where they are located on your PC, and it can connect to several external storage servers -- but not Google Drive, Amazon S3, OpenStack Swift, or Dropbox itself
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