by Arcai

Your WiFi network is protected with this Windows PC security tool.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Arcai

Release: Netcut 2.1.4

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Netcut is a security tool used to instantly detect who is on your Wireless/Wire network. A network administrator doesn't need to have any knowledge of your network or its processes in order to use this tool. When you run Netcut you will see all IP and MAC and devices names in your network. The Netcut tool has all of your options under MAC, enabling you to control it, change it, and turn it on/off. This free tool has so much to offer


  • Allows you to know who is connected to your network at any given time.
  • Protect your network from spoof attacks: Using Netcut, users protect their networks from unwanted users who have gained unauthorized access. Users are protected from theft of sensitive information when using Netcut, which has special features that make it more secure.
  • The ability to change your address after reassigning the MAC addresses: A Netcut security tool allows you to rename any MAC address in your computer to better represent you. From the MAC address filter, you can remove or add MAC addresses that you wish.
  • The security tool allows customers to switch between their devices on-line or off-line, so they will always be on your network. With this tool, the remote will work as a universal remote control.
  • Netcut is also an WiFi controller that can determine which WiFi is running in your home router at any given time.

When using Netcut, the process is easy. There is no problem in using the system even for those with no previous networking experience.

This tool does not require any network knowledge.
Software products such as Netcut help protect WiFi networks on Windows or PCs by keeping them secure. the TCP or UDP protocol for reading and writing between the networks. This function also keeps a record of the connections within a network, which is a great way to keep track of all the devices.
As this product helps locate and locate our MAC address nearby, it further helps ensure our protection from spoof attacks, it also allows us to determine where our wireless or wired internet connection lies instantly, and it is not complicated to set up. There are several benefits to this product including helping to find
Are you concerned about your WiFi being protected, then you need Netcut, the latest and most accurate solution with a free licence and very simple installation.. i love it.
With NetCut, your device's IP/MAC mapping services, device policy information can be passed on from your device to ensure your operational security; this is in addition to the device security settings which NetCut will detect and analyze in WiFi security settings and operating mode. This device is lightweight and easy to use, particularly because it will not strain your hand if you're dealing with technology. Netcut is a great choice for this reason.
Netcut is a useful network monitoring application, it provides detailed information of all the computers and devices that are connected to a network. Its feature include detailed IP/Mac address, data transfer usage, and signal quality among others. The app is focused towards inexperienced users but still provides valuable information for the more savvy and knowledgeable ones. Installation is handled with a small package. A Demo version has a few limitations and limitations.
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