Net Viewer

by Accessory Software

Accessory software for web-browsers with a stockpile of customization options

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Accessory Software

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Net Viewer is a simple yet powerful program for Windows operating systems that allows you to manage and organize your favorite web pages into an encrypted database. Databases can be populated using the application by adding search results or using links to web sites. A comprehensive list of all the collections you have is provided by categories, priority, website names and keywords. In Net Viewer you can open the source code of the saved page and extract any useful information.

Aside from being able to view, search, print, and query databases, the program provides an excellent range of database control functions. Among the various options you can choose, you can create multiple databases for different users, and export and import bookmarks between them in each database. The computer can store your databases both inside and outside of the hard drive.

- Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Chrome-powered browsers integrate; ;

- A convenient database for picking and choosing websites;

- Analyse group and category combinations: e group and category;

- It's important that the database's password is protected;

- Your ZIP archive allows you to receive and delete attachments

- The possibility of a mass downloading of extracts.

Look. It has gotten even more complex over time as it relates to the internet. A netizen can make their browser experience simpler if they want an added touch of modern flourishes. Would you rather have something a little bit less flashy and more sensible? I will spare you the trouble of going to the Net Viewer for Windows store. A simple browser without any memory- It works without any software installed on it.The loading of pages for quicker and more efficiently is being done by applications that ng processes that can load pages quickly and efficiently. The web application can accommodate dozens of pages at the same time, and you'll even be able to search the database for the page you need. You've tried enough things to make your opinion sound valid. Net Viewer has a chance, and you might surprise yourself.
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