Nero Video

by Nero AG and Subsidiaries

A complete software tool for editing videos and burning discs

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Nero AG and Subsidiaries

Release: Nero Video

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Nero Video is a complete toolset for managing your video files.


  • Lots of features including a library for management
  • Can import from external devices such as tv or camera
  • Complete and powerful video editor
  • Supports many formats: AVI, WMV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, Nero Digital, AVC, 4K
  • Has the ability to create slideshows

Nero Video is a complete package tool that includes a media library for organizing your video files, music, and photos on your PC. The discs can then be burned onto CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray Discs.ray.

You can only go one route at a time because there is only, editing, and burning are all included in this one package.

As one of the many formats and formats that Nero Video supports, one can download it and extract files in a very few minutes. With its wide range of supported formats, one can even edit videos created from Windows Live Movie Maker. The Nero Video multi-processing system makes it much more powerful.allows you full control over your editing and excellent handling of timeline.

There are two main ways of editing videos: Quick, advanced, and simple. With these editing modes, you have the flexibility to add video, transitions, and text effects of any style. You can create slideshows with this program so that they are playable from PCs or connected TVs.

Nero Video is undergoing a rebranding campaign and currently incorporates a simpler menu structure and settings setting, improving its user interface.With this application, new and experienced users alike can add files quickly. The drag-and-drop capability makes it so you can add files very easily. By utilizing our editing and authoring functions, you can quickly move your favorite assets from one project to another.

This software does suffer from a slight disadvantage, that it is very resource intensive.Nero Video is an incredibly intensive program for editing video and images, but it is still a brilliant option. The Nero Video program offers support for many forms of video and provides every feature you could want for creating high-quality videos and slideshows.

Anthony Bonnet
The software program Nero Video looks like it is a video editing program in one program. The program looks very similar to curate videos for any given event, but you can customize it very easily - it allows you to select and watch various videos - it appears to be much more useful. Whatever assignment you need to take, whether it is an assignment for class or a Youtube video you posted.
You can incorporate themes and effects into videos made with Nero Video. The program enables the transfer of files and the creation of movies with the assistance of video. A video may take an hour or an hour and a half to produce because there are so many effects to choose from. This program offers a wide variety of features that give movie creators the opportunity to build better films.
Scott Baptiste
Capture software like Nero Video allows you to burn discs as well as edit video. This program comes with a library for managing multimedia files, a powerful video editor, and burning options. Nero Video does all the job for application manages video files and helps you organize, edit, and burn them to CDs, DVDs, and Blu disks since it's able to access them from either your hard drive or an external source (camera, TV).ray.
I absolutely love Nero Video!! With this software program, I can transform video files in an easy and comprehensive way. Burn discs as well can be done using this tool. It does come with many useful tools, but my favorite part is the library, where I can keep and store both my multimedia files and other tools, including my video editing tool. With it you will also get a media player included.
There is no doubt that the best video editing service is Adobe Premiere Pro. In no way is anything else a benefit. There is so much information within the templates and I spent more than an hour exploring them all. No regrets here. My photos are finally in control of me.
This software facilitates video editing. Through it, you can select between the express and advanced modes and can also record the progress of the timeline.
slideshows, Nero video has some features peculiar to them. As well as some film effects like slow motion, old films or something else, your pictures will feel better with it. It gives all your slideshow's features such as selection. In terms of video editing software, Nero video offers much greater efficiency than any other due to its ease of use and the fact that you can add a range of effects at any given moment.
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