Nero BackItUp

by Nero AG and Subsidiaries

Organize, store and backup your important files with Navigate and Store.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Nero AG and Subsidiaries

Release: Nero BackItUp

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Nero Backitup for Windows can store and back up a variety of files to ensure their safety without you needing to lose control. With Nero Backitup for Windows, you'll be able to store and backup all your files at the same time. It is both free and safe to do so. You can protect your entire data as well with Nero Backitup for Windows, whether you have a Mac or Windows computer. Its simplicity and ease of use make it simple to use, don't expect anyone with skills in advanced technology to know how to use it completely. Nero Backitup for Windows can only be purchased for users who values their privacy and safety, so they never have to worry about anything. A great part of Nero Backitup for Windows is the ease with which you can back up all of your Windows data to the system automatically and how you need it, and you can forget about backing things up when on a timer. Furthermore, Nero Backup for Windows provides your entire file system with the ability to continually monitor and restore it in a single file. Its easy to use interface makes it easy to monitor and restore your files. Whenever it's convenient for you to use, you can burn these to a USB hard drive or even to a hard drive. Nero Backitup can take all of this, and is easily the best free Windows backup.


  • Intuitive.
  • Cheap with great functionality
  • Navigation is simple yet refined
  • Ensures safety of files

the conclusion for Nero Backitup for windows is that it's safe to use, intuitive and you can use it anywhere anytime and anyhow and you can have it automatically back up your files whenever you are in need of backing it up you can put it on a timer.

Lisa Nicholson
Having more important files with Neuro Backitup will speed up, simplify and remain safe. It's easy to back up your files to multiple locations in one go. Back itUp for Windows has an automatic encrypted file and is able to back up automatically with only a one-time schedule. Without a backup system, your computer will never know what you are. A simple menu interface allows you to quickly access your files. For Windows, Neuro Backup can be run by the user.The website is easy to use and is friendly for consumers who are not technology savvy.
Brodie Ricker
Would highly recommend this application t apply this application!
Imagine what would happen if you lost all your valuable storage files or just part of them. is not a pleasant thing to think about, so why do we not all back up data with the free version of Nero BackItUP lle to think about, so why do we not all back up our files with a piece of software like Nero BackItUP for Windows? In comparison to a meal at a decent pub, this application costs only a few dollars. Our data is governed by your choices and how you want it. It is up to you to choose from local or cloud based data stores. the option of whether to encrypt or not, so your devices can be set up to do it as ly choose whether to encrypt or not, and your devices can be set up to perform the task automatically. Furthermore, it almost entirely works with all of the major cloud service providers.
The setup is easy and straightforward. With this product, you can back up locally. By maintaining your backups, you can keep your files updated while you work. The users can also choose to use the local bacup instead of our imported ones. An effective web interface provides the website with. There is no integrated version of the Windows file explorer, therefore it has cons. A private key is not offered in the tool. Due to its slow processing and upload capabilities, it can only manage some backups. For online backups, the tool does not offer a file version. To learn about the features, please check out the free trial offer.
You can take your files offsite with Nero BackItUp, a software solution protecting your files. There are several apps that you can use to back up files from Google Drive, OneDrive for OneDrive and restore your data online. The app comes in an interesting visual interface, giving you an organized display of large icons for music, pictures, and videos. Whether you are securing your digital life or keeping your digital belongings organized, Nero BackItUp does what it does best.
With Nero BackItUp, your computer data is backed up easily and quickly to any data storage method safe to use. Or even if external hard drives or the cloud come into play. For example, you can have your files automatically backed up, encrypted with a password, and even provided with an option to protect them automatically. It is also automated for backing up your files no matter when you are there. You can secure and protect your data easily and inexpensively by using such a technique.
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