by NeoRouter Inc

A free, zero-configuration VPN solution for Windows, Mac, and Linux

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: NeoRouter Inc

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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NeoRouter is a cross-Programs designed to manage remote computers. Client and server parts of the installer are included and can be accessed from the same PC. Using this program, you can connect over a secure P2P network, and you can configure parameter values individually. After installation, NeoRouter works as a system service in the background, allowing you to connect to the computer from remote clients.

The program is free for those who download it. As such, its functionality has been limited due to the inability to perform data exchange with a client, desktop broadcasting, or to remove computers from sleep mode. As an added value, NeoRouter extended editions will let you set up and connect to a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Sadly, this means that extended versions are purchased.

There is usually just a few minutes to set up your server. Upon entering that information, you will be able to establish connections with the client within a matter of seconds. Just select your domain, password, administrator name, and administrator password. Then enter them together to get a better understanding of the client. Installing new connections is carried out in two clicks, since the last connection automatically appears after the client recalls them. Users are able to view a list of clients connected with NeoRouter server part through a module that can control access rights and disable clients.

With NeoRouter's portable device version (similar to what it is without installing on the computers), it's all you need to do is attach it to the client.

- transfers data over the web in both the online and teletext modes; );

- The use of the internet to "wake up" computers can make it work smarter, reports said.

- parts ics clients and servers parts;

- Among the connection options: ;

- is a cross-Software that runs on various platforms and portable versions.

The NeoRouter is the first device to use the Android drop in and bridge function as well as the Android remote access for android. A comfort option, as it is suitable both externally and internally.
In addition to providing you with the protection you need from internet attacks, NeoRouter also provides you with tools for any type of browsing security so others do not get access to your IP address. It's free, but with free options that allow for premium support so you can protect everyone in your family and even your friends. NeoRouter extends to 256 different devices, thus making protection simple for anyone with access to a computer.
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