by Neko

Little white cat running around the desk top

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Neko

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Neko is a small application that will put a nice "cartoon" kitten on your desktop. The kitten's name is Neko, just like the program, and he'll be chasing the mouse cursor and walking on the computer screen. It is possible for rabbits to behave however they like. As long as they stay in the game, users will be able to track every sound they make, how fast and far they move, whether they leave any traces, and what amount they make as sound. also to interact with the mice you use on a keyboard- The cursor can now also be configured with this interaction method. During your kitten's play, the cat can hunt for his pet and run away, ran in or out of motion. "Size" can be customized by selecting icons within the program and then converting those icons to the ICL format so that she appears funnier. You can live on your desktop, not even a single computer, with one or more of these apps.

It makes an awesome adding-on for Windows for some fun. This cat chases the mouse around your screen when you move your mouse in reverse. There are a couple of light programs available such as Neko that does not take up a lot of PC RAM. The cat will groom itself or even get to sleep if the screen has been idle for a while. I would suggest this for download on your Windows system!
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