by Natron project

Softwear for Windows in Photoshop that has been created as a compositing softwear file.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Natron project

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Natron is a rather serious video editor that uses the principle of Node-On the back of work with node's (the nodes). In addition, Natron is a free analogue of the Nuke editor, which is often used to create modern movies.

Unlike the layer-based editors (e.As an alternative method, Natron uses a different timeline to suit the user's needs - a video editing system like Adobe Premiere. Connecting linked nodes (sort of like going to the same place but with a slightly different view).maps). In this way, a number of multi-stage compositions are created together.level effects.

With Natron, video is processed, effects are applied, and the master is created. In addition to combining video elements into one composition, eliminating a chromakey mask, creating combined effects, adding CGI objects and scenery (it is possible to integrate with Blender), coordinating motion (Match Move) and tying the camera to moving objects, the program provides many other features.

The ability to connect any OpenFX plug-in could be made available in case it wasn't enough. Extensions from both free and commercial sources are supported. Scripts can also automate tasks by combining existing elements, while plugins can be written for each task.

In order to render projects that have finished, Natron takes advantage of the computing power that nearby PCs have and uses graphics processing cards.

- Video editor for compositing that you can download and use;

- nodal editing structure;

- Video editing has a wide variety of tools;

- Filters that change by the day, attery;

- In the color management program, Blue Color, the color gamut is managed by an open command command interface.

- You can purchase open-source filters for free and for commercial use: ttfor free and commercial OpenFX filters;

- The Python interpreter is embedded into the browser.

- Several kinds of training material;

- A local network has the ability to share computing power between computers;

- GPU has the ability to use the GPU as well.

- Can be used in a vast variety d for a large number of formats;

- fully customizable interface;

- An integrated monitor that operates with two monitors optimized for this environment.

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