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A document scanner

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: NAPS2

Release: NAPS2 5.8.2

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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NAPS2 (Not Another PDF Scanner 2) is a document scanner that lets you save your document as a number of different file options, like PDF, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, or others.


  • By choosing the appropriate settings, scanning a document would be much simpler, and multiple profiles would be possible too. As soon as you finish scanning your document, you can proceed to download it.Printing, scanning, viewing in a PDF, TIFF or JPEG, converting to PNG files or others.
  • There is a way to rotate, angle, or add different effects to your page. You can also use image editing tools to make other changes if you're experiencing a problem.
  • A document can also be identified using optical character recognition (OCR) in over 100 languages by looking at its text. Your PDF includes text that has been scanned using OCR.
  • There are also more than 40 languages you can choose from, so it is highly beneficial for people who don't speak English at home. Also, languages other than English can be translated if none are available.

NAPS2 is a great product that helps you save your document to a number of different options of files with some helpful tools to edit your document. The ability to angle your document however you want and to either brighten it or change the contrast is a great extra option to make your document perfect.

NAPS2 has more options than just PDF to save your document as.

You can download NAPS2 simply by providing enough free space on your computer; ; A megabytes of space is required for this video. Computer models running Windows or Mac OS are supported by NAPS2. You can choose NAPS2 drivers that work with your scanners if you're running WIA or TWAIN drivers.

This program basically edits documents. Whenever I have a memory of working at a print shop, the documents had to be scanned and updated. An essential tool, this tool would have been really useful.
It scans your document and gives you information about it instantly, including PDF, JPEG, and other formats. As a matter of fact, you can change a number of settings related to page size, photo size, DPI, and Bit Depth. The power user and business are able to interface with it directly. Installing MSI and using it to manage the environment is possible in your organization-For group policies deployment on a higher level, see Configurations for Group Policies on Group Policy. There are over 40 languages available where this software is used.
They are explained how they are used to scanning all text file scanning software. After downloading everything you want, they can check for updates in text files.
It supports scanning images and saving them to PDF formats, and a function for extracting Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Direct scanning of documents is possible when both WIA and TWAIN are installed.
Documents can be scanned, pages can be arranged, and there are different formats to be saved by NAPS2. The NAPS2 server is widely regarded as open.source. Owners and workers alike are definitely going to appreciate how helpful this software is. The process makes life significantly easier. Also, this software is free.!!
I have never tried anything as good as the Swift scanner. A person can choose what type of documents they want to save based on a company's requirements, such as Microsoft Excel and Adobe Reader. As a consequence, I find that this tool is user-friendly and does not make me frustrated while I'm using it.
free tool that lets us process fast, support various file types and formats, and enable the use of Windows Workflow. In terms of image straightening, however, this tool had the biggest disadvantage. There cannot be rotation on the 90 degrees between them as either side will not rotate the page. Furthermore, it does not provide a setting dialog box so that we can fix our desired changes. This tool gives users a better handle on the scanning process. Furthermore, it allows us a choice of which profile settings to use.
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You can store your documents in this way on your smartphone and other devices.
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A PDF can be created for purposes like business or amateur.
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