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This popular video player can connect many computers, allowing them to play videos on the fly.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Minimalverbosity

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MyTunes was originally created to operate with iTunes version 4.1 to 4.While iTunes revisions are still developing and making progress, the older version of it can be stopped once it is released later this year. Fortunately, it does not seems iTunes can not survive without the MyTunes but a new update is not required.

The MyTunes program, sometimes called the MyTunes music app, had suffered a serious defeat when fate took it from the internet, but that wasn't the end, since no improvement can be seen from that point forward. Software becomes extinct when it disappears in small amounts. According to the application's manufacturer, Bill Zeller, he lost the software while preparing to update it, before all of his data vanished. He did however promise, though, that he might come back, but no updates will be forthcoming. During the development, Zeller's laptop broke down while he was on a vacation, causing him to lose key information on software. It led to the release being canceled.

In response to the MyTunes release's controversy, MyTunes Redux also vanished. iTunes is now able to share music with computers since the later update was introduced as an additional means of doing so.

Users will be able to make various features of the MyTunes application in an app.friendly and well-organized GUI, search and view results, selection of the preferred location in regards to output folder by creating a new directory, and completion of tasks within a very short of time.

The interface of the MyTunes is flexible and easy to use as well as organized, for example, a network of connected computers is found on the left side. Also, in the right part of the window, the download location can be found.

A simple search feature makes dropping off messages an easy process.Filtering of a search result does not require specifying a specific artist, song name, album, or genre; a down list will do it for you. In the main window, results are visualized clearly by their symbols.

In addition, this version includes the ability to create a directory that instead of being the output folder, is downloaded music and/or song. As many as five people can use the network simultaneously.

Creates an ethical environment for sharing music

  • User-friendly and well-organized GUI
  • Use a simple search feature and view results
  • Change destination location and an encountered setback
  • Intuitive GUI very fast
  • Navigating through a network of connected computers.
Mytunes is one of the best itunes allows an application which to download an music freely which provides by itunes.In mytunes you can enable your favorite artist,genre,music and even by that you can search any song on that.It is user friendly to use and well organized by GUI.It is safe to use.
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