MySql Data Manager

by Cgiscriptshop

Administrate Windows through your MySQL via web using a database.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Cgiscriptshop

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Windows users can manage and edit Mysql databases with Mysql Data Manager as well as utilize MySQL for Windows for administration of Mysql databases.

Perl is the language used to create this software. Therefore, Perl runnable can be run on any Windows OS versions. The use of it can take place in multiple scenarios when connecting online.

In addition to allowing users to enable advanced features both lower and higher end of the operating system, the GUI is based on the web browser. The higher-In the end operation, the user can easily and effectively complete daily maintenance by simply clicking the webpages or placing mouse clicks on the links. And the low-Users can select the correct style for each specific and detailed task using end operation. With this tool software in hand, you have a wider range of agile solutions to fulfill any Mysql web application requirement.

It is super safe in practical usage, when you log into the administration page via the transparent interface of this software, internally it will not save your credential information into config file directly, such as your password, etc.

All the users privilege to manage the Mysql account and database can be pre-In the event of successful login, the defined terms and granted terms will appear. High-resolution display is found on all graphical displays in the GUI.When the webpage is shut down, all mouse clicks will be converted into the Mysql command or predefined commands that will automatically be exported to the Mysql server transparently. On transferring any resulting responses from Mysql to Mysql Data Manager, messages sent from the Mysql server will be forwarded through web interface to and stored in the log under their original form. It manages the data in a database by letting the user manage it independently between themselves and a My SQL server, which simplifies the management process.It should be simple and efficient for you to define commands and take operations.

Mysql Data Manager does not require a root privilege when accessing MySQL Server, so you are unable to access MySQL as a Database Administrator without a web interface.

Easy dynamic access and admin Mysql database in windows

  • Web GUI with a transparent and efficient way to access Mysql Server
  • Safe access and response with Mysql Server
  • Prevent high sensitive information leaking or misoperation in practice
  • Compatible in all Windows OS versions.

Use of these services is limited to a trial.

This app helps DBAs and database architects in managing databases by offering all of their tasks in one integrated interface. These tools and services will help you get the desired results of a computer-based analysis, such as data modeling, SQL development, and administration compressive. As well as backing up certain documents, it may offer the opportunity to revisit them later. It runs on Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, etc. MySql Data Manager also works on some popular operating systems.