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Messages in text format that can be sent or received.

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Publisher: Eleven Digital Solutions GmbH

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mySMS is a desktop component of a cross-This platform allows phone calls and SMS texts. Once MySMS is synchronized with your iPhone or Android app on your work computer, you can read and send SMS messages right from your computer without having to carry an app on your phone.

Emailing and receiving a great deal of email is especially important for this program.mails. SMS-making can be achieved through the application as well as SMS-printing.Gathering your followers for a group chat and mailing it in. correspondence will work completely online through the computer. There are a variety of keyboards that can be typed in, and on the big screen you can view text messages. All e-mail and all phone calls go to your mobile number using this application, which works only on bundle of phones, and in just a few locations. If your phone's tariff plan includes payment for SMS, this means your bill will be deducted.messages, you will pay for them even if you send them from your computer via mySMS. Further, you can receive an SMS with the application.You will not be billed for messages; this means that mySMS has been installed, not only at you, but also at the addressee (anSMS will be forwarded through the Internet).

By using the cloud storage option, the app can support synchronization and retrieval of messages. If you link the program to the cloud service, every incoming email is automatically saved. Thus, the number of messages you can recover if your device is lost or breaks can be easily minimized.

- SMS and MMS can be sent or received from a PC to receive them via the application; SMS and SMS sent or received via PC (or Mac) application;

- All communication between your devices should be synchronized; ;

- Multiple users of mySMS can send unlimited messages for free; o use other mySMS users;

- sms-Mailing and group chat with up to 50 contacts, as well as a list of those who are interested.

- backs up messages automatically; e0; Automatically backs up messages;

- Theme support should be provided;

- Regular SMS andMMS texts and attachments can be sent via your operator's services or through third party third-party services for detailed reporting...

The MySMS Windows app for Windows is good for both texting diehards and non-texters. The option will let you leave the office, pick up the phone, and use a PC or tablet without leaving your phone. When you send and receive a message from MySMS, it is automatically incorporated into your phone.
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