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A client used to backup your phone or explore it's contents

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: FJ software

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Last revision: Last week

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Connect your phone to your computer using a cable, Bluetooth or infrared port and you'll see how easy and efficient it is to control your phone with MyPhoneExplorer. Since its first appearance, MyPhoneExplorer has become the most popular tool for managing Sony Ericsson phones and now it still has new features.

It seems that MyPhoneExplorer can access almost all Sony phones except P800i, P900i and P910i on all Sony Ericsson phones. Many other cheap smartphones feature no computer support. If you use Symbian- You should be able to use your keyboard.The first step to installing a ers, please note that you must first install PC-You cannot use it to connect to your computer via the Internet.

- Using Outlook, Windows contacts, Thunderbird, GMail, Lotus Notes, and Tobit David is convenient for your address book; esync your address book with Outlook, Windows contacts, Thunderbird, GMail, Lotus Notes and Tobit David;

- Organizing systems via synchronizing synchronization with Outlook, Sunbird, Thunderbird, Windows calendar (Vista), Rainlendar, Lotus Notes, Google Docs, TobitDavid, and network calendars to organize with Outlook, Sunbird, Thunderbird, Windows calendar (Vista), Rainlendar, Lotus Notes,...

- Exchanging SMS content, importing it etc.

- File browser with a cache system to reduce data transfers and synchronising between computers;

- What is the procedure for setting up a phone;;

- Calls logs, contact editors, phone memory status, and more do not list here.

The My Phone Explorer service lets you phone over the phone via computer. Based on Ericsson mobile users' preferences and how easy the tool can be used, many Google products work seamlessly, such as Gmail. You must bring your phone explorer along with you for the duration of your activity since it cannot be carried without connection to your personal computer.
There is something very appealing about this concept. One benefit to being able to run this app through your phone is that it offers so many more options to find the files you couldn't otherwise, I've seen plenty of people use the app when it's installed along with multiple items a day, as well as saving everything. In general, if you work on computers all day long, synced notifications enable you to remain connected at all times, helping you to maintain a good level of productivity.
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