by Nir Sofer

Search query finder that allows for tracking your search history

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Nir Sofer

Release: MyLastSearch 1.65

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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MyLastSearch for Windows is a software package released by NirSoft under Freeware license. In recent years, the third version of the software was released, and it continues to serve hundreds of thousands of web users every day. MyLastSearch mainly runs on Windows, and it allows users to keep track of their search history across various search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Ever had your computer shut down and lost your browsing contents? Getting past ed each and every webpage in your web browsing history? By using this program, you would have no time wasted on finding relevant searches; it will not only save you time but will give you insights such as search words, web browser use time, users, etc. You could easily copy and export, and copy and export the search history.

It is difficult to find information on the web that is useful without search engines. Your web research will be much more organized thanks to this software. Parent's will now be in a better position to monitor how their kids use the internet. A large number of children have access to the Internet these days in American society, and it poses a significant risk to them. Thanks to this program, your children will be protected from harmful effects through monitoring the activity of the kids.

It may sound invasive if it gathers links for which you used to conduct web searches. You should not be alarmed if your computer uses the software. You would be prompted to cache the temporary files on your computer or mobile device when exploring a web page. I think MyLastSearch will stop asking you any search queries if you uncheck the temporary cache caches. As a result, it acts more as a reminder to search previous results than as an effective spy tool.

As a final touch, you can download this freeware package. With this free download, anybody can install it as quickly as possible. It is a simple, straight-forward package that anyone can easily pick up. A small amount of space (about 100 megabytes) is required to power it. There are now 1 versions available.There are some improvements to version 65 from version 65 predecessor. Downloading the 1 can be difficult if you do not have access to one.Up until the 65 release, any of the previous releases after 1 are regarded as obsolete.You can check out your favorite YouTube videos in as few as 15 minutes, if you surf the net or search for your YouTube videos.

There is the advantage of tracking lost search results with this powerful tool.

  • Your tool allows you to sort search queries by keywords, web browsers, search times/date, and users' profiles based on characteristics of keywords.
  • You can export the search history to another organization using your organization's domain.
  • You can easily search for all browsers at once.
  • Find out about the searches the user has conducted in the past.
  • Customize the software layout to suit your needs.
My ability to verify the deleted search history using this product was outstanding. Having this system would have been impossible for my employee to verify his or her searches. My history even had a file version!
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