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Client server/chat program on windows processor

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Network Software Solutions

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Would you mind joining ur local network? Can you tell me about a corporate eIM solution for your organization? Do you have a complex topology in place which can cause servers running into problems or have a large number of clients? Then MyChat is your choice!

MyChat is a client-In addition to running online chats via an Internet connection, the server operates equally well locally. Besides the primary function, there are many other functions. Sending and receiving text messages?? A lot of useful features are included in the program. A multitude of shared or secret channels (rooms), authorization of chat clients on the server database, a built-in FTP server with animated emoticons, avatar uploaders, a support for HTML markup language in messages, advanced logging tools, a contact panel with video and other support for the online In any case, MyChat does not require the resources of the system. Set up doesn't need to be complicated. We installed it on Tuesday, and things are working out.

You can place your client for around 2 dollars, and, due to the number of connections, the price will eventually decrease.

- By giving authorization to members of a server, data can be transferred from one location to another. Using the network, the user is able to migrate - No matter how fast the application process advances, your information remains.

- built-in FTP server. An account is automatically generated for every registered user on the server running the internal file.

- An automatic flood control system allows for no text messages to be sent as often, preventing abuse of the exchange and e-mail.

- The interface has a multilingual design (i.e. Russian, Ukrainian, English);

- You will automatically receive updated client data from MyChat's servers. A new version does not require the entire network to be bypassed. When you're not actively engaged in the process, your clients will be updated automatically.

- An animated machine-learning maths and profanity filter.

- The file format between your chat clients should be unlimited in size.

- Card carriers will have support for blocking network traffic on all levels; as well as ck as IP addresses and MAC addresses of network cards;

- An approach to maintaining order in a chat room; using the banana mechanism.

- This solution allows you to manage the server directly from your MyChat browser.

- Explanation of user profile ing about the user - In a corporate network, it is very convenient for all employees;

- - Identifying conversations in a database - and more. Unless one of the staff is authorized, confidential information cannot be accessed;

- Pending messages: a user is not connected to the server, a message can still be sent via the web by the user and he or she is sure of receiving it.

- (Shared animation settings) and multiple AI (many sets that can be expanded endlessly).

- skin support;

- There is a detailed differentiation between chat service access rights for groups of users on the server;

- possible to start the server on-line as a GUI application - or even eapest to start the server both as a GUI application and as a system service;

- a bulletin board;

- Users can be assigned an account manager at the possibility of having a single computer; If there's more than one computer, there can be multiple accounts.

- Mechanism for using operator mechanism - Channel operator mechanism - The requirement of maintaining order through large networks;

- Having an automatic set-up of channels in order to create them immediately after you start your server and inviting people to become your guests, etc.;

- There is a client contact panel on it. The ability to quickly and easily send private messages;

- Command support on console - console commands support - Using a simple approach to managing clients and servers; *;

- What type of soundtrack does the chat room use? ;

- A MyChat server can be used to control client settings remotely;

- It is very easy for administrators to work closely with MyChat clients if they are automatically deployed into large networks.

The platform provides client/server chats and secure file exchange for working in an office environment.
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