My Lockbox

by FSPro Labs

Security software designed to allow you to set passwords to files and folders

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: FSPro Labs

Release: My Lockbox 4.1.3

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Windows users have the option of creating password locks on their digital files and folders.


  • Makes files inaccessible in both remote and local users
  • Supports FAT, FAT32 and NTFS volumes
  • Prevents the locking of critical system folders
  • Works in Windows safe mode
  • Available in free edition as well as professional edition
  • Hotkey combinations
  • Instant unlimited data protection

Lockbox for Windows is security software that is designed to allow you to prevent unauthorized access to files and folders. Lockbox allows both local and remote users to use its services. This software instantly blocks threats such as illegal acceptations of documents and unauthorized uses of files once installed and passwords have been entered. In some cases, the software even works in Windows safe mode when a computer crash or lockup occurs or when the system is experiencing severe problems that prevent a reboot. Additionally, it works with the software to recover all online passwords instantly without leaving a trace. Windows Lockbox for Windows lets you lock critical system files and supports FAT, FAT32, and NTFS volumes. Lockbox for Windows is compatible with most Windows systems and works well with all up to date Windows Operating Systems including Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. It comes with 10 different languages and easy-to-use GUIs that help you to use it. An unlimited number of file extensions are available with Lockbox's free Windows security edition. Lockbox for Windows is available in both a free and a paid version.The upgraded business edition of the program features unlimited number of folders. Users will not have to pay a fee in order to use this method.folders. Changing the upper level name will alter the structure.Folder status folders, where unauthorized access is prohibited, can be hidden. Anti-In a safe, straightforward manner, viruses, backups, and similar scan programs can be used. In order to prevent programs uninstallers from stealing locked data and/or unlocking it, locking data is password protected.

Provides even greater protection while in Windows Safe Mode.

There are two versions available, one for free and one for Pro.

My Lockbox 1.2 (1.27 MB)
My Lockbox 2.9.8 (3.46 MB)
My Lockbox 3.0 (3.89 MB)
My Lockbox 3.1 (3.9 MB)
My Lockbox 3.2.1 (3.92 MB)
My Lockbox 3.3 (3.93 MB)
My Lockbox 3.6.4 (6.77 MB)
My Lockbox 3.7.2 (6.93 MB)
My Lockbox 3.8.3 (7.06 MB)
My Lockbox 4.1.3 (7.06 MB)
Is it possible to store files online? It sounds like it is available remotely. There is something downhearted to that aspect. The password protection makes them perfect, but putting anything online in any way is a risk in my mind. In keeping with my privacy standards, I do not access sensitive data from "The Cloud", nor on the Internet as a whole.
My Lockbox makes my day better. Wow, that is a great idea. Because it is easy to use, works with Windows 7, is my preferred system, and lets me hide so many files I enjoy using it immensely. There's even an automatic virus scan that can function on its protected files despite having them locked in safe mode. Additionally, I do not have to worry about accidentally locking files contained in computer systems.
Jake Clements
It is a tool for password-protecting your system folders. In the event that you need to share your confidential information or have another person download a computer. In addition to allowing you to recover your password online when your password gets forgotten, the software also has an easy to use interface and allows easy access to photos.
The product is easy to use and very good. The files I need to securely keep hidden or locked up are actually hiding and locking up perfectly.
This system is very easy to use, i.e. This product provides you with the information or information you need on your electronic device that is secure. It is highly recommended.
With its minimalist design reminiscent of Apple products, this file protection program is easy to use yet incredibly fun to use. I recently realized that other types of folder locks were confusing and hard to use, and that malware and ads in my files could have caused me immense embarrassment by locking my file in there at once. I had decided that upgrading my computer for a professional, commercial program that protects my files was a
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