My Family Tree


A genealogy application for Windows that builds interactive family trees

Operating system: Windows


Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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This is an exciting and popular hobby in today's world. With My Family Tree from Chronoplex Software's developer, this activity will become a real creative process, the result of which can then be shared with friends and acquaintances through the World Wide Web.

My Family Tree is a universal program that allows you to collect and record information about relatives. Your program has a powerful multimedia component that makes it possible to download photos, videos, and audio files. Google is an obvious partner for tracking the family's geographic movement via Google Earth. Your Family Tree can be edited later using its easy-to-use interface. All your personal data entered into the program is secure. It lets you turn any photo into a slideshow and watch it in its entirety.Using Windows 7 preloaded, you can use the device's touchscreen.installed.

- Having the option of downloading mpeu files;

- The GEDCOM 5 language is supported.5;

- Interfering with several genealogical trees is quite easy.

- Web reports for creation and maintenance.

- Integration of Google services with other APIs.

My Family Tree can be used to record any and all aspects of your family tree that you wish. With its combination of rich and easy-to-use functions, such as reports generation and Google integration, the program provides an abundance of small extras.
Using Family Tree Maker's for Windows is easy, convenient, and accurate as it gives you access to our data on your roots.
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