Muvee Turbo Video Stabilizer

by muvee

Removes jitters and shakes on videos that are not wanted

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: muvee

Release: Muvee Turbo Video Stabilizer build 3090

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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You can make any video you take look like it was shot by professionals with this product. To put this all together, you should follow three axes of video stabilization to increase your frame rate, followed by six degrees of motion that will ensure that your footage appears flawless. There are multi-core and multi-Using this software, you can work faster because you won't notice any lags because of support that's built into the stabilizer. There are only three stages to the development of this software. To perform this, the camera motion estimation, the smoothing of the motion, and the warping of the image are involved first. Most stabilizer products measure only in 2 directions. According to this product, it gives you six degrees of motion, as indicated before.

Riding your four at that time is a good idea.It doesn't matter what you're doing outside. If you're going on a mountain or taking a snowmobile ride, your GoPro camera's will be handling every direction, so a video stabilization product would go perfectly if your video is shot professionally. It allows you to mount your camera no matter how challenging the situation is, so you can rotate it afterward. The unique, smooth shutter correction feature is one of the finest features of this product. All slants and tilts in fast-moving videos that occur through CMOS errors will be fixed automatically when using the product.

Additionally, there are many formats that you can use for both photo and video recording, which can be both stabilize and saved. Also, the rotate video feature, if it is not available on every phone now, I find it essential to allow you to fix every flaw you have. For example, if you mounted your GoPros upside down, the vertical shot of your iPhone may have caused it. But using it gives Almost all camcorder formats used by most people will be supported by the stabilizer. You may think that since your first generation iPhone came out just 10 years ago, and will go back even further, none of those solutions were a problem. The video stabilizer will restore any format to industry standard, which, in turn, will enable online video uploading for Apple customers.


  • Compatible with Windows 10
  • Directly load onto Youtube and Facebook with one click
  • Measures 6 degrees of motion on 3 axes
  • Able to shoot in any format
  • Rotate your video
Anyone who wants to document their adventures can take advantage of this terrific program, so let's give it a try. As a result, I have had the need to edit out shaking and confusion when I watch videos I take. It will also make watching them a lot more enjoyable to do.
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