by Thorvald Natvig

Mumble is a Windows program used for low latency voice chat, intended for gaming

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Thorvald Natvig

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Mumble is an application for group voice communication using VoIP technology. This program was mainly designed for gamers, although you can also use Mumble for business communication. Due to the fact that the program utilizes audio compression, as well as pre-processing.It removes noise while clarifying the sound. It is the client's responsibility to ensure that data between Mumble and its server is secure. With an encrypted 256-bit key, the main channel plays its encrypted function.You'll also need a 128-bit key to access the voice channel.bit key. You'll be able to connect to any servers over the Internet after installing the program, choose friends to your contact list, set up the sound and user interface parameters, plus much more. displays it in two modes - modes - the application can be displayed in two modes - on Mumble is a minimal, standard VoIP client. It offers a unique feature not found anywhere else - it is a perfect gaming alternative. This program has a function to allow players to feel where their character is in the game by providing them with sound positioning, which allows them to move their voices. The speaker's voice from Mumble is also heard at left if he stands around a certain position. If your virtual friend isn't near you in real-life or online - let him know. It will also reduce the volume of his voice - and the amount of his voice that will be muted -. It's just like in real life. A few models of gamer keyboards are supported with Mumble, and there are a lot of options for hotkeys available.

- group voice communication;

- high quality sound;

- sound positioning;

- Data exchanges with the server can be conducted with high levels of security.

Mumble 1.2.3A (17.08 MB)
Mumble 1.2.11 (15.94 MB)
Mumble 1.2.13 (15.71 MB)
Mumble 1.2.16 (15.83 MB)
Mumble 1.2.18 (15.91 MB)
For users who enjoy gaming and would like a way to exchange experiences with others, Mumble for Windows may be your answer. Mumble does not come with an installation requirement, so I'm really happy about it. The Mumble directly allows you to access it.You may do this by clicking on a normal webpage on the site. Setup is seamless and a server status script can be used since you get to set it up right away.
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