by MultiMC Contributors

Manage multiple games of Minecraft for free

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: MultiMC Contributors

Release: MultiMC 5.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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About this product - uct this product - about this product - MultiMC is a free, open-This source launcher allows managing both Mine craft games and others conveniently. The user makes no sense for you to need any technical assistance. Your mods can be created, their texture packs can be accessed and your saves are saved without need to worry.


  • If Minecraft freezes or crashes, you can easily kill it
  • Any Minecraft instances that you have, you can share them with anyone
  • You have the option to change your Java runtime settings, along with your memory setting as well
  • Your screen resolution is customizable

MultiMC an open source launcher that allows you to manage multiple games of Mine craft for free. mods, texture packs, and saving tools are stored in this interface, making it powerful to use. There are so many reasons why this is so incredible, including the fact that you can have multiple versions of the Mine craft open at the same time, if you wish. In comparison with other similar programs, MultiMC simply does not have the same functionality. Besides these features, there are many others.

mods, texture packs, and saving tools are stored in this interface, making it powerful to use.

Players enjoy Forge integration because of its ease of integration. It is no longer necessary to go through the backdoor (zip) to get your Forge. Additionally, the program has the option for automatic installation of any updates or modifications to the software. As good as this is, it includes support for each version of Mine craft that the vanilla launcher allows, plus many more features, such as importing from several databases. There are three versions of the program: Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Despite the beta's extra features, be careful when you download it, as it may have them. As of now, the features are not fully stable.

It is recommended that you make the executable before using this on Linux.

nancy thompson
This product has a nice appearance and is totally free as well. Sharing instances for minecraft will help if they freeze up. It will also let you check on someone's progress. I highly recommend playing minecraft at least occasionally.
Thomas Weimer
is a program in Windows that can multi-task on several apps.
Open-source MultiMC is a game that is free.The Virtual Game Mind Craft can be run in multiple instances with this sourced program. When the console slows down or freezes, there are many full-featured features available, allowing you to kill independent games. The Android version of Minecraft has been modified so it supports every version from the vanilla launcher. Manage memory usage, export to various devices and export it all. It is free, powerful and can be easily customized.
These programs are very easy to use, as well as separate the rmly simple to use and also separate my files in the windows...When running multiple instances of minecraft on the same servers, several functions can easily be optimized to reduce crashes and freeze times...The importing and exporting of Minecraft instances are an easy process as well as showing the colour coding data for all output images.
I'm a huge fan of minecraft. So I was worried that this game would be another disappointment for me when I heard about it. The vast features of this software make my experience two months long enjoyable and I can't get enough. In addition to being able to import both t has everything you need, this software also has the option to export your minecraft instances to be shared. Having this software as a part of my arsenal is amazing.
The MultiMC launcher has a lot of functionality when it comes to Minecraft. My opinion of the user- is impressed.Having access to a launcher that is friendly in that it's more casual compared to other Minecraft launcher options. This program allows multiple accounts of Minecraft to be connected to a single server with seamless Minecraft configuration and development.
Windows users have access to MultiMC, a free Minecraft launcher from third parties. Minecraft is often changed from Mod version to Mod version, from loading different save games and so on, all while keeping its own separate game files. With MultiMC however, you can play Minecraft on several devices at once with the same files. By doing so, I believe you can take advantage of a vanilla version of Minecraft and multiple other versions running differently for the least amount of hassle!! By using this tool you can do things in a completely different way with Minecraft.
The software MultiMC works as a launcher for Minecraft and is free to use. A lot of features are included in the program, as well as its simple to use nature. Using this software, you can fully enjoy its features, all in a very simple, easy, and straightforward way. This program provides access to a huge amount of features as well as plenty of easy-to-read information. One or two of the features being;; Minecraft has an existing support system, fine control over Java settings, and if it freezes or crashes, it can be efficiently killed.
This app is a cool thing I have never had a chance to try, but this thing's also nice because you can easily play your full version of Minecraft with that free MultiMC download. While there is one issue with this application that I understand, and I understand it well, I like it so much.
Minecraft has been modified to use MultiMC as its launcher. Having multiple unique, neatly isolated examples (each one featuring an own mods, asset pack, save, etc.) as well as ensuring a straightforward and strong framework makes it easier to oversee everything that goes into being, assisting you to navigate through the level with clarity and simplicity. Minecraft should be kept neat and tidy by finding secluded examples. Find out the subtleties - rt the subtleties - You can view the logs, mods, and any other files without any problem if that makes your heart skip a beat. It is not possible to curve balls - never do. This strategy is unlikely to change if you tell MultiMC everything you have to tell it. Command to execute Java settings and runtimes well. On top of each scenario's settings world wide, you can also empower them. As part of MultiMC software, both game logs of the game and any additional analyses are shaded.
It is important that you play Minecraft with the MultiMC for Windows so you can play Minecraft on multiple servers. At the same time, it allows multiple players to play together. Also, it runs older versions. It would be easy for me to kill it if it freezes. That's so cool.
To manage multiple installations of my own business, it was an open source software that I used to buy. By using this app, I can destroy the minecraft when it freezes or crashes. In comparison with other alternatives, the experience is just okay.
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