MultiBoot USB

by velociraptor

A reboot restore system for windows programs

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: velociraptor

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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MultiBoot USB is a program that can turn a regular USB flash drive into a software storage device and even more - make it multiboot. Several operating systems and images of live discs, such ascronis True Image and Ultimate BootCD, can be stored on a "flash drive" of the same size, so they will not come into direct conflict and be able to be removed and reinstalled. MultiBoot USB supports the creation of a convenient boot menu so that the user doesn't get confused with the variety of content recorded on a USB flash drive.

In the Multiboot Media Setup window, you can format the multiboot media into the desired file system, specify a label, and select the recording mode for the same files. Under Qemu, the most interesting chip resides. run simulations to determine how the boot process will be handled during the beginning. This is essentially the number of parameters that the user can access. MultiBoot USB settings do not appear in a window. They can only be changed by "manual" editing of the Gonfig file.

As you can see, MultiBoot USB is not the most "flexible" program of its kind. This website isn't for profit. Donations are welcome on the official site (financial support is possible provided to developers in special ways), but this business is purely voluntary and entirely open to the public.

- Create a multi-Media with operating system and Live disk images should be opened ;

- Using a dropdown menu for easy picking;

- The volume label should be assigned to the file system.

- In this study, bootable rescue media are simulated using an open-source QEMU program.

- There are many forms of interface, but a simple one is a w consisting of one window;

- high speed recording.

Using this software, any USB flash drive can become anything else, which means it can be used as a file or memory. The software is free to download. To get all the functionality out of your USB drive, you have to make sure it can hold what you need.
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