MSI Dragon Gaming Center

by MSI

A program designed by MSI to give you the upmost control over your gaming set up

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: MSI

Release: MSI Dragon Gaming Center

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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You can choose from hundreds of profiles that work best with your gaming style. Switch back and forth between them and customize based on your personal preference.


  • During EZ Swap, users can switch from work mode to game mode simultaneously. Multiple options for Performance mode, such as OC (Overclock), Gaming, and Silent. This mode includes several settings to which you can apply multiple dots. There are a number of audio options to choose from, using Nahimic as a third option. You can also select Theme, which allows you to choose what type of Windows theme you want based on whether you play games or work on computers. Last but not least is sound, which sounds a lot less complicated-- )Nahimic headphones allow you to control how many notes you hear or whether they even play at all.
  • When EZ Swap is turned on, you will get two buttons on the screen that easily allow you to switch between your two profiles
  • Utility feature automatically searches your pc for new games and adds them to the program's own control center
  • Xsplit- recording and live streaming software
  • Three unique display modes for Scenamax- Gaming Mode, Cinema Mode, and Eyecare Mode
  • Personal Setting allows the user to set personal settings for the whole system, such as Gamma-level, brightness, and contrast
  • Device center allows the user to control microphone volume, device volume, or enable or disable the windows antenna
  • MSI supercharger automatically optimizes your device settings to make them as fast as possible and get the most out of your hardware
  • System monitor allows you to get real-time updates on a multitude of device states, such as Disk Load, Memory Load, CPU load, GPU load, and Ethernet and Wireless Internet speeds

This is a very advanced and useful program that allows you to quickly optimize your software and hardware settings

Works on most PC's
Tyler Reed
A few years ago, I had the opportunity to make mods and configurations for older titles I'd liked. In an easily and cost-effective manner, the MSI Dragon provides me the tools to accomplish this goal. What an incredible product this was, and then it fitting and unique for the niche that it fits. MSI does a good job.
features include EZ-Pass and EZ-Ride.SWAP and ScenaMax. The EZ-In SWAP, a user can create two profiles which are changeable easily; they can switch between them efficiently and their profile can be customized. It also allows you to modify, but in a way that works for the screen. Presets may be configured for a number of languages.
are looking for ways to tweak your gaming rig's performance for more performance from ove searching online for game fixes and ways to tweak your PC's performance to get the most out of your hardware in games? By integrating "One-Click" into the MSI Dragon Gaming Center, it facilitates this and ensures a smoother gaming experience.The Optimization" option on the menu will automatically optimize your hardware in and out of games to ensure that its true potential. Additionally included are free game/screen recording software to make capturing your best moments easier, as well as social media and other Internet platforms. you want, you can automatically disable it! This comes loaded in with theMSI Assistant (which lets you see your settings without you having to restart your machine, etc). This should also be very fun with users who often don't want to restart their machines so would like to see themthe-There is even access to further tweaked and hobbyist tools off of the flight game. The tweaks can be tailored to suit your needs, whether you want to boost performance or save battery life by improving energy efficiency.
When I see MSI MSI, I notice their program is very powerful as well as very beautiful black and red, I also love their ability to save game highlights. Saving clip settings and stopping online play are really tricky, especially when you have a large set of clips to keep. To save games' customizations, I'd probably be in search of saved configurations that can be loaded easily. It would be a great thing to recommend this product to you.
Gaming centers can be put to the test by any gamer with Dragon Gaming Center. Prior to gaming, I didn't really know what to do. manages my games in real-time (like discord) and monitors how much LAN each one uses as well. The sleek design is another plus, as are the ease of use benefits. The software is a nice touch, and I appreciate the way it looks.
A MSI Dragon Gaming Center for Windows game allows you to take advantage of recent gaming features and optimize your gaming world experience, so you don't have to change settings at any point during play. You can easily save your game highlights and keep your fans engaged. Being on your own will make it much more convenient--you are never alone.There is a time assistant for everyone at all times.
Dragons for windows offers many features. People use it the very often that makes this application worth their time. As a whole, it has a great deal of potential to gain the advantage of people who enjoy utilizing the gaming platform constantly. As well as altering the scenario, they can alter colors in the screen, including LED colors, etc. There is no charge for anyone using MSI.
I have never seen a gaming center more cool than the MSI Dragon Gaming Center. Tuning my computer takes less time with it. My computer works better with it.
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