MPlayer for Windows

by MuldeR

There are many platforms that support MPlayer, including Windows, Mac and Linux.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: MuldeR

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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In this package, you'll find the official MPlayer development, a port to the Windows platform, and a robust graphical menu.

An award-winning engine called MPlayer plays over 192 videos and 85 audio formats. It has been winning numerous awards for more than a decade. Several optimized builds are included in the installer for different processor types, as well as an additional codec library.

With this entire set gathered in one file, it can be stored as a single unit.

Package: :

A Win32 plugin that works on SVN.r25803 (2008-01-19);

version of the RVM SMPlayer shell.5.62 (SVN-r693);

A MPUI shell from the Vol 1.2-pre3 (Build 38);

I recommend Codec packages for using MPlayer (2008-) in order to save it and play back whenever necessary.10-07);

NSIS installer, v2.34.

- There is an award-winning media player from OpenSources also available for Windows; a winner for Best Media Player award.

- a separate all-in-one installer (NSIS);

- Initially, we support more than 192 video streams and 85 audio formats.

- Celtic Druid produces this optimized version of the MPlayer;

- Explicit mpui shell compiled with Delphi7 Pro; new version available.

- A binary codec package that comes with the full package for Windows (only available for download separately].

- Multilingual support for Unicode (more than 40 languages); e multilingual support for Unicode (more than 20 languages);

- Processor compatibilities: Athlon-XP, Athlon-You must be able to run Pentium 2 64-bit in AMD Core 2.4, Pentium-4 Precott, Pemtium-M;

- A standard build (autodetection for installation) will run on all CPU platforms.

There are many platforms that support MPlayer, including Windows, Mac and Linux. by using the codecs installed on your system
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