MPC AdCleaner

by MPC (More Powerful Cleaner)

Cleans ads on browsers for Windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: MPC (More Powerful Cleaner)

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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MPC AdCleaner is a program that blocks the display of banner ads and pop-Browsers for Windows will appear advertisements. There are some differences between this application and others similar to it, including how it is installed. It is not a supplement for browsers, but rather a traditional installation method. At the same time, MPC AdCleaner works with all more or less popular browsers. Among them: As well as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Netscape, Avant Browser, Maxthon and Flock, and all major "handicraft" engines such as Yandex, Browser, Amigo, Ctrlrot, Chroalto, etc., and also support for absolutely any " There isn't usually a browser where this program would be able to block ads, in general.

MPC AdCleaner's main window displays only two switches that are used to enable and disable the banner, pop-up, es that are responsible for enabling/disabling the banner and pop-up window locking. You will need to avoid popups if you are aware that ads are coming to the page.However, you must activate the switching if you wish to activate the device. Keeping a log of blocked ads is one of the keys in keeping track of the program's work. You can access it through the main menu. You can even choose to display the "report advertising" button on a web page or email. With it, you can announce that if MPC AdCleaner filters are not enabled anymore, resources have enabled you to see the ad blocks. This will help developers improve the program. If your browser does not support displaying web pages, you may experience problems.

- Advertising banners, as well as pop up ads, are not;

- Almost all existing browsers support the use of this interface; ;

- The first command may be typed using Windows on command with the OS; ;

- gives advice on ad blocking in the magazine;

- By doing so, developers know about their leaked advertising.

MPC's AdCleaner block unwanted advertisements and pop ups and blocks them from happening. The application is available on a number of websites, including Google, Firefox, Safari, etc. The application is easy to use, you only need to turn on and off ads and pop ups from
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