by Martin Pesch

Audio editors can be quickly and easily installed on computers.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Martin Pesch

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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mp3DirectCut is a fast and functional audio editor that is perfect for working with compressed audio in MP3 format. Allows you to perform the following actions without pre-qualification.decoding files: To adjust a song's volume, cut the parts and paste a few of them into a paste file. With this method, decoding and subsequent coding are handled more quickly, as well as preserving the original quality. The recording function built into mp3DirectCut allows you to receive MP3 files "on the fly" from your computer's audio input. The editor has automatic detection of music pauses which makes it convenient to work with long files.

- Cutting, copying, and pasting parts of a song without any loss of quality is what we call automatic quality reduction;

- Volume, volume increase or decrease, frequency of insertion, req in volume, normalization and attenuation;

- When a playback feature is used, it is known as accelerated playback, cyclic playback, and selected part playback.

- Using a codec with Lame or ACM on a MP3 reader;

- It takes less than 1 minute to visualize the MPEG video; Organize files easily by using ;

- dvd/dvb audio support;

- AAC support;

- );

- Separates the track according to parts.

- MP3 tag editor: ID3v1.1 and ID3v2;

- Support of command lines; dt control support;

- Unicode support.

When it comes to mp3DirectCut, I love every single thing.Since I discovered mp3DirectCut I've been editing audios to another level, after using apps to distort the image Quality my audios but since I discovered mp3DirectCut,editing audios has just been on another higher level!
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