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Operating system: Windows

Release: Movica 0.6.6

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Movica is a free to use video editing software making it easy for users of the software to edit movies and video clips of many different types on one program. It provides video editing options for different video file formats, such as (Windows media, FLV videos, and JPEG files) on a single easy-to-use application. This is great because you can edit a wide variety of files on your computer in one program. With the help of the software, you can select multiple parts of a video file while performing the edit. Movica also allows for the users of the software to join together or split up video files with this program, for easy editing of multiple video files.

In Movica, Windows is required for its use on a computer in which it is installed, along with version of this software.Net Framework 2.0.


It is also able to cut multiple parts of a video simultaneously in one program, a necessity in real time due to data storage.
  • Video Split/Blur on this one software lets you save multiple video files to one computer.
  • It makes it simple to copy and paste your files into other areas as well as fine-tune any particular aspect.
  • Various components of a video file can be edited at the same time using various selection tools. Delete or move the selection tool.
  • Many video files are supported; you can edit any video from any of them. You do not need to install more than one program.

This program can be used by anyone needing to edit video. These tools only need to be used to edit one type of video file. Whether you are editing a video or adding new video segments, you are sure to find something you like with this program. This software is excellent because of the risk-free nature, since it is free to run and download, which means you won't have to worry about wasting money on things that might not work.

  • Movica is free to use and download.
  • Requires Microsoft Windows Operating System and .Net Framework 2.0 on the computer for proper use of the software.
Catherine Blair
Vmocica has been described as an all-in-one video editing tool. You can edit videos in FLV, MOV, and MPG formats. You can even create different sections of video at once, and you're able to cut, join, paste, or add sections. is because it is open source, which makes it free. Windows is the only version that works. The Net Framework must then be installed for it to work. The benefits are immense, and you don't have to spend a fortune to get quality software. You might want to try it.
Could be useful in the case of a simple backup plan when you have no money or a need to test something out. Clip organizer and place feature is not available in this interface, a problem. clip splits on, etc, you enter the timing information in a bulky interface. With its older style and lack of the finesse of recent video editing programs, it is an inferior piece of video editing equipment.
Easily edit videos on your Windows computer with Movica, which is a great tool on your wallet if you intend to work on those files. Regardless of whether you are editing formats like FLV or WVM, you have access to a large selection of video formats. There are several options for combining files with the tool, including cutting out parts you don't like and cutting them out of the file, spliceging them together, or adding both.
Jake Blunt
The Winamps program deletes a small amount of information from a video and allows editing and removing other bits of information.
I am experiencing more crashes than results with this software. Rather than serve as an editing program, I am not sure what the purpose of it is. However, it only has some useful shortcuts for making it work faster, and because of it, there is too much hassle and risk involved for the user to take advantage of. The next update should fix some of these bugs, and it could potentially become an incredibly useful editing tool in the future. There are still a lot of functions being worked on and we hope the next update will fix these bugs.
Does your company have another program that would work mpanies Movie Maker? In that case, Movica may be an appropriate choice. is a freeware tool that provides several video file editing options, an easier interface to user, while easing users' entry into the process. Movica users will get multiple editing possibilities and hotkey shortcuts that make their edits and workflows smooth and seamless. The app helps users maximize the amount of time and energy that they bring.
Video clips can be edited in multiple ways using this tool. There are not other tools compatible with this device.But it works with practically any style of video that comes in mp3 format. Various editing styles are available for clips such as joining clips together, shortening clips, or editing multiple versions. All of this is accomplished by means of a graphical user interface. By tuning clips using the GUI, you will get the point exactly where the editing should be done. I find that the tools work great on my Windows 10 system, even though they were for Windows. I was very pleased with this tool and I recommend it to anyone.
Movie editing software Movica makes it simple to create an impressive picture. Many keyboard shortcuts are available and it accepts various video formats. It also allows users to join or split videos. A workaround is rarely easy to understand, but sometimes reading carefully online and checking forums is actually helpful to understanding. Among the popular Movica programs, we offer the following updates are a great way to date devices and keep them running smoothly. It's easy and is done quickly!!
Definitely worth using as a video editing program. Among the cool things about Movica is its capabilities for splitting video and audio files; the actual ability to remove video elements from a movie, which has saved me heaps. An edit function unique to one of the newer video editing software packages. I highly recommend it.
Love this software! Effortless and quick to use- I was quite comfortable with the functioning in a short amount of time. However, I was able to adjust the amount of editing I made to my video. Generally, it's better for users who prefer using a graphical interface rather than writing commands.
Good app.
Movie editors like this program enjoy playing around with, and it is very versatile; the software has all the features you would need in regards to loading and downloading. According to me, it would be a good idea for all Windows users to utilize and use this application. A lot of the apps, games, and services available for the Apple MacBooks are completely unusable to download from Apple's website. The application seems to be extremely interesting and useful to me, so I would like to get hold of it personally.
Get ready to simplify your editing process with Movavi. A combination of special effects, keyframe animation, and easy user interface make it so user-friendly. By using movavi, you get to go into creative mode. Our tabs and layers are made of thick and easy to use materials that are right on your fingertips. This free program allows you to bring your creative side to life.
Clips and trims can be cut and pasted by the video editing software. The software can be used for any video. Additionally, the program comes with advanced editing capabilities, a variety of effects, and other features. Combine, split, crop, screen capture, filtering, and motion graphics, among other features, are included in this program. Audio files and videos can be exported and shared to mobile phones from this software. Using different editing modes based on the software interface. Video editing software is used primarily for video editing in professionals. The FLV and WAV videos will be edited by the graphical editor for Windows Media.
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