by Skrommel

Allows one to move a window without activating it

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Skrommel

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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MoveInactiveWin is a small program that allows you to quickly move open windows in Windows. In addition to being easy to use, it doesn't require any configuration to be installed. By starting the program, holding down the ALT key, and pressing the left mouse button, you can hook all of the desired windows. By using the Windows Move Tool you not only move the windows to the upper header but also to the upperheader, which was originally provided as part of the operating system.

MoveInactiveWin also allows you to drag and drop the inactive windows below the active window without having to click to bring them to the foreground. You can also drag and drop windows from the screen as well as return them as soon as they are on the screen, which not only saves space, but also simplifies window drag and drop. Due to low carbohydrate consumption, can be interchanged with other oils and fuels.It is impossible to load a monitor when it runs out of space.

With MoveInactiveWin you won't need to install a computer program if you're just using it remotely. In order to minimize any possible disturbing behavior by beginning the program, it is placed into the system tray automatically.

I find it helpful to organize the spaces around my windows via MoveInActiveWin. The only thing I had to do was install it from scratch on my Windows computer. You can download it for free. Configuration is not necessary. The windows in my house are locked and I arrange them around the windows. So cool. In the background, it's starting to work. Whenever windows need to be moved, I drag and drop them. So efficient.
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