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MouseRobot makes it possible to simplify the life of an ordinary Windows user by automating routine operations. Frequent repetitive actions in any programs with graphical interface MouseRobot can record and save as a special macro, so that later the same actions can be reproduced in just one mouse click and hotkeys.

The menu options on MouseRobot can be pressed, selected, the menus can be checked, assorted, text typed with mouse, drag & drop files created and run programs on and rMenu items, type text, run programs, drag and drop files and work with web-pages - You're referring to everything you do manually using your keyboard and mouse while using it, but only once a minute.

There is nothing complicated about using this software and its simplicity makes it very user-friendly. You may find MouseRobot useful for Windows beginners with this 10 step strategy.15 minutes.

- Automates routine tasks.

- Processes any task with ease and speed.

- Establish the right type of program window for the most efficient use.

- Without programming knowledge, you can write macro and edit it.

- A CD or DVD should be burned.

- Once the document has been scanned, recognized and saved into a file, another application begins to work.

- The computer will automatically install and configure all Windows applications you need.

- A number of filters and effects can be used in a graphical editor to change the appearance.

- With a streamlined and intuitive interface, your task can be completed with ease.

- The mouse movements of MouseRobot are not recorded. In its analysis, the utility identifies the necessary interface elements in the program and creates a special "map," if they have changed in location, shape, size, or importance to the program.

- Exceeding the maximum speed is possible by limiting system performance.

- a macro is composed of separate steps and you can easily modify their structure.

- In general, I usually start the macro on a regular basis by pressing two keys on the key combination of the specified windows.

- An interactive choice of objects and their information is available.

- By using templates, you can search for and manage objects.

- Control text by following the patterns found in your keyboard and mouse.

- The screenshots are automatically created.

- Built-in task scheduler.

and other possibilities.

If a routine task needs to be automated, MouseRobot is an excellent choice. Researchers can use that information as well as everyday people. Through that program, multiple tasks can now be completed simultaneously. If you want MouseRobot to perform any type of activity, you need Windows. The program can then run automatically to complete the automated tasks afterward, as appropriate. On this site, you can learn more in real time.
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