by MotioninJoy

Use a Playstation 3 controller with a PC

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: MotioninJoy

Release: MotioninJoy 07.100.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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MotioninJoy is easy to use a small application that will allow you to use a PlayStation 3 controller on your computer and has an easy set up that takes less than 2 minutes.


  • Once you have installed the application, click Setup to get playing your favorite Sony Playstation 3 games right away.
  • Making your controllers' buttons available for personalization gives you the greatest control over what they do. The PS3 controller can have all its features and vibration on board.
  • MotioninJoy is Freeware for PC's or laptops and will work with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Vista and XP, there for you will never be charged to use MotioninJoy.
  • A PlayStation 3 has all of the right hardware to work with MotioninJoy. PlayStation 3's controllers as well as the usual USB connection, as well as mini USB that is used by the controller to be charged. Connect the controller to your computer using a USB port or mini USB port.

MotioninJoy is an indispensable companion to any PlayStation 3 controller so you can play your favorite games on your PC seamlessly. Once installed, MotioninJoy lets you use your controller within minutes, and lets you customize its buttons and features to your liking to ensure that it works as you intended. Additionally, MotioninJoy is a freeware program that will enable you to enjoy your favorite games without a purchase. With all of the features you will enjoy with MotioninJoy, it is not only free, but it can be easily used. Thus, if you have two minutes to spare, setup MotioninJoy so you can play games as if they were ps as if it were a Playstation 3 and it will not cost you a penny.

Simple and simple to install, the software does not require a complicated setup and is user-friendly.

PlayStation 3 controllers and USB ports will be required to charge the controller in this software.

When I use this software, it's outdated. Do you know if anyone still uses ty still uses a playstation 3. Would it be better if this software were updated so that it supports Skyrim versions 4?? People who love this have so much to live for; they just need the latest PS4 console to make this enjoyable.
Once you have installed the application, click Setup to get playing your favorite Sony Playstation 3 games right away. This program will work on a multitude of PC and laptop operating systems, including Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP. MotioninJoy will never charge your computer or laptop for its use. A PlayStation 3 has all of the right hardware to work with MotioninJoy. PlayStation 3's controllers as well as the usual USB connection, as well as mini USB that is used by the controller to be charged. Connect the controller to your computer using a USB port or mini USB port. nice
Callan Mcauliffe
With MotioninJoy you can turn your PS3 or XBOX system controller into your PC by making the PS3 or XBOX controllers compatible. According to the driver installation, the controller was able to communicate with your computer.
These days, most people without PlayStations don't own smartphones so it seems to be a useful software when downloading it. It's also inconvenient to do one's favorite PS games online on a PC.Macs must also be able to utilize it, but I'm not sure why. Among its most valuable features is the fact that it's totally free.Having the beta taste is nice. There was no installation or configuration downtime. Installation and configuration are easy, and I enjoyed it very much.
Since I struggled to play using my Playstation emulator over a keyboard, my brother found out about the software and was pleased to hear that you can seamlessly adapt the controller of your PC to your PS4 Controllers. This software can take advantage of any hardware that supports PlayStation controller compatibility, like keyboard I have had a hard time playing racing simulation games on PC, but with Gran Turismo I am capable of reliving a childhood memory just as readily. If I mash the keyboard properly, I don't find my way to all these hidden items in games. I appreciate you finding this product and giving it a try.
With MotioninJoy for Windows, you can play music from all over the world. As a result, it will function like a PS3 controller on a Windows laptop. I am able to get better scores when playing this sport. This was my favorite add-on for gaming software. Your PC gaming becomes more engaging when you use it. The mouse and keypad have finally gone away with your computer. So many things are easier for me to perform when I have the option to use a controller on virtual game systems. It feels more natural to me to be more actively involved.
This gave play station control using the help of a controller. A program called mothionjoy was developed for Microsoft Windows that enabled games to be played and enjoyed. As an added bonus, it had games for kids and adults alike. I liked the software in Windows because it offered a useful game. We played it every day and it made us happy playing it.I am happy with the quality of software and how long it stays in my system.that was great.
Since most things are run in offline mode also, safety is limited. There is nothing more important than making your home a quiet one.
Using the Windows Xp controller Playstation 3 will soon be easier using MotioninJoy. It is probably among the simplest and easiest controller apps available on the market. All PS games are now compatible with this amazingly diverse collection of drivers, so you can play and control them easily on your computer. A single download or use of MotioninJoy costs neither high nor low.end prerequisites. It only takes a USB cable (the cable to recharge it) to connect your Playstation 3 controller to your laptop once the drivers are enabled.
my Sony PlayStation 3 controller is accessible on my PC with MotionInJoy. My first preference is Sony's phone because its feel is more powerful. Apparently it was the first device I ever owned that caused it. Following your download of MotioninJoy is quite simple, just follow the instructions. It's probably worth the effort if you are looking to really put some pressure on the controller you have. I worked great using my PS3 controller, thanks to this. Highly recommend.
Suitable for enabling your computer to use the PS3 controller. There are pros and cons to using a mouse and keyboard to play a game, but sometimes it is nice to have that classic console feeling. Have I ever said to myself, "I'm glad I got the PC version of this game, though if I had an actual controller, it would be ll you how many times I've said to myself "I'm glad I got this game for my PC, but"
motioninjoy is a small application that runs on Windows.The play station 3 has the ability to be controlled by this software.This is a highly sought-after application for PLAY station 3, due to its excellent features and well defined functionality.This application is popular with many people.In this update, the controller software for Play Station 3 has been improved.I highly recommend this application to others. My goal is to get four stars for this application if I have the chance.
Users can easily connect their controllers and gamepads using MotioninJoy, which is an application for Windows. A Bluetooth adapter is necessary for one wireless controller and one USB controller simultaneously using MotioninJoy. Moreover, MotioninJoy comes with dedicated Vibration, Six Axis, and DS3 support, in addition to completely redesigning buttons and axes. To make things easier, users may use keyboard and mouse shortcuts.
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