MorphVOX Pro

Apply a robotic distortion to your voice

Operating system: Windows

Release: MorphVOX Pro 4.4.78

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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If you sign up for this program, you will be able to digitize your voice in a robotic way. Any application that uses voice chatting may benefit from this feature. Call games or online games are examples. The sound effects for your voice will hide how you really sound and ensure you impress your friends.


  • The program is easy to use and easy to install
  • Add multiple sound effects and background tracks to your sound effects
  • This program contains two interfaces: A voice studio offers 5 preset sound effects for your voice to choose from, and a Skinned Interface allows you to preview your chosen sound effect from the comfort of your own home or office.
  • Add background noise- make it sound like you are in a shopping mall or in traffic
  • Many new packs are available for download. Do you have an issue with any of the presets in your don't like the presets that the program comes with? It is easy and straightforward to get new ones that you are not used to-this is for those who have never tried and that you are always willing to share. all for free.
  • 7-day free trial- You can try the product before you buy it for 7 full days to gauge if this is right for you if it was not previously in your possession. Earlier, we mentioned that you can also download a free version of this program if you cannot afford the price or are unable to justify it.
  • This program has sophisticated algorithms to ensure that all background noise gets blocked, creating a clean and clear voice change experience.
  • In addition to EVE Online, World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings Online, Second Life, Everquest, and Counter-Strike, my account supports a plethora of other games as well.Strike, and many more
  • Works with VOIP programs too

If you have ever wanted to be able to change the way that your voice sounds online than this is certainly the program for you.

Online gaming allows you to change the voice of your player to suit your needs.


  • Windows XP or higher
  • NET Framework 2.0, DirectX 8.0

Jackie Brown
In response to scammers, I use MorphVOX PRO every week because it makes my children laugh at my voice. The product made children laugh at my voice all the time for personal use as I did it for my children. Overall, this product is really awesome on my part, and I think I made the right choice buying this product. With MorphVOX Pro, we'll have more giggles in my house.
App appears a little sketchy when used for voice distortion. A mobile application could be fun for the users. Musicians who may struggle to achieve the right mix of distorting vocals or those who cannot receive phone calls or text messages due to distorted voices. There are no clear details as to how many voice modifications it contains or how it is used in any way.
Kyle Toledo
Through MorphVOX Pro, you can adjust voice effects based on music cues and foundation tracks. The MorphVOX Pro program emphasizes how to use voice qualities that are more aligned with video, or how various impacts on communication are made to fit their wishes. A great voice will shift your voice to another level with the use of mostly new voice-learning techniques; there are also features you can utilize at home.
All the time, I play lots of games. It's my desire to be able to protect my privacy when I talk in games so that I can use a voice change program to do so. MorphVOX Pro on Windows had a great impact on my friends. Playing with them alters their voices as well as what they sing. This product is perfect for myself, after being waiting so long for it. Depending on my personal preference, I can describe myself as: man, woman, robot, dog, cat, whatever I choose. This piece of software is fantastic.
Software that lets you alter your voice. A video creator can utilize this feature or use it for another video platform. With it, you can choose how to change a person's voice.
This software improves the voice privacy of voice recorders. Sometimes, when I laugh at it, I find it very funny. These apps can change the volume of your voice. There is no need to know how to use it. user-friendly app. You won't need more than a month to use this app compared to another. This is the app I prefer the most. This is because it is kind.
features the voice doctor, which configures the MorphVOX Pro so that you no longer sound abnormal on a regular basis. The sound effect wizard has step-by-step instructions for creating the perfect sounds and modifying them is explained in step-by-step instructions. Additionally, MorphVOX allows you to create your own files. I highly recommend this product to my friends who play games!
It's an excellent voice change tool!! I find it absolutely hilarious, and it's also extremely useful while transitioning from one gender to another when working with voice recordings. it's a great free trial, and the cost overall is quite reasonable. The sound editing software is a great choice for voice work professionals, for sure.
With this software, users can completely change the voice. By changing our voices online and in-person with this software, we can change our behavior much The only benefit of this program is that it provides excellent sound quality due to its superior voice learning technology and because it eliminates the background noise from music playing. The software offers a wide variety of free voices as well as a number of sound packs. This software comes with an online trial version. We can try it for a while and decide whether to buy the full version.
In addition to being fun, MorphVOX Pro enables easy navigation through your screen. With the software, you can make changes to your voice in real life.Once an audio file has been recorded, it can be made into a time-consuming computer file. Music in this program sounds perfectly and there are many voices available despite its 10-value equalizer. As a sidelight, this program lacks some background sounds, amounting to only a tad.
I found the features of this product quite pleasant when I used it. Installation is very fast. But we should try to get our microphone in top working order to make sure the software operates correctly. However, this did turn out better than I expected. You can find many good, free features on the company website. This is a good program for changing one's voice. In addition, you can use it in many ways besides just altering voice. In some cases the voice given by this program is fake or metallic. Although this program has some limitations, its enjoyment is very high.
It offers several distinctive features that make it stand out among competing voice-changing softwares, making MorphVOX Pro for Windows extremely different. Aside from voice changing algorithms, free voices and sound packs, background effects, and sound packs, it is an excellent choice for online games as well.
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