A voice changing software that changes your voice to whatever your heart may desire

Operating system: Windows

Release: MorphVOX 4.4.75

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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All users of MorphVox can choose from a wide range of voice modifier. The MorphVox program comes in two versions. One for free and one that costs a certain amount. Your voice can be modified in as many ways as you like, in the Pro version. JR (pronounced as dow), another, offers a limited voice modifier for voice tuning. Every imaginable scenario is possible with these songs, whether you sound like a monster, a child, or even an old lady. MorphVOX can be used with most common chat programs and even over online gaming applications. custom key mapping a your in- - or you can customize the, or in-chat convenience. The game is intuitive, easy to set up, and fun with all of its settings. Add sound effects and you're good to go.


  • You can set up the system with ease thanks to the wizard who guides you through adjusting the audio and microphone.
  • In order to have best performance, adjust it to your voice.
  • Custom voices can be created by you.
  • The server uses limited CPU, bandwidth, and a dedicated IP address.
  • Built-in sound effects that can be perfectly tuned to your unique voice, with a ten band equalizer there to assist,
  • Adjust and edit already recorded audio files.

voice-changing program, MorphVox can give you the greatest bang for your buck compared to others. It has hundreds of features as well as the freedom of trying it for free. If you want, you can set up shortcuts to the common functions listed on your keyboard or joystick, and make good laugh, regardless of whether you're watching TV or gaming. You may consider bringing back your online role.playing character to life with this one of a kind program that can bring anything to life? If you're looking for an easy, quick, amusing, and one of a kind voice changing software MorphVOX is exactly what you are looking for.

You'll be able to match your voice and personality with this software. Additionally, it provides your voice with the capability of adding sound effects.
MorphVOX 4.3.13 (4.22 MB)
MorphVOX 4.4.32 (6.16 MB)
MorphVOX 4.4.41 (6.29 MB)
MorphVOX 4.4.75 (6.43 MB)
Aaron Yates
There are a number of voice modifications available with MorphVox, which serves as a tool for editing voice sounds. The voice can sound just like a child or old lady as a result. The most common chat programs and online video gaming applications offer it as an option. You can make changes to your voice quickly and easily using this app. Software provides a ten band EQ for maximum quality, and all your calls will be coordinated according to your vocal range. This software is light and uses minimal resources from the system.
This can occur when the voice one is using is changed, or it can be used to match their personality traits. Using advanced voice learning technology, it allows to replace your female voice for one with that of a man or woman, or to replace your kid's voice for some reason. It supports high Sierra Linux operating systems.
Andrew Gunther
Among call center workers, MorphVOX is considered to be one of the better tools for protecting their security.
It is the most excellent product I've ever purchased. While it was never my conscious that my voice may affect people's perception of me, now I understand how important this is for me. By using this tool cold, you can get a more in-depth idea about your personality. Recommended for everyone!
It was a pleasure to discover MorphVOX as well! Here's the link to what I found. Yes, it's a great thing indeed. is packed full of awesome features that I have been wanting for awhile! Its features are far different from its competition and truly exceptional s that I have fallen in love with and I have been wanting something like this for a while! Its features are far distinct from its competitors My family would be delighted to learn about this product and I have full faith in the product. I've been thinking about buying it already for years. It's great, right??
MorphVOX - free apps for Windows - is a program that you can use to disguise your voice while being recorded as someone else is speaking to you because you are incapable of speaking in the naturally occurring voice you feel confident in. the way in which you want your voice tone to sound. You can change the sound effects of your voice to suit either you male or female for a sound effect.
You can adjust how they sound in MorphVOX using a host of different editing tools, such as adding background noises so you can pretend you're in another world. As an added bonus, MorphVOX also offers an algorithm that changes tone automatically if you listen.
Windows users have access to MorphVOX for voice changers. It is in these software types where the files can be transformed into many different voices and audios in great quantities. Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Access are both supported through this software. Because this software can be modified by voice, so a lot of it can be used. the software is completely free; you can install it quickly and easily. The morphvox PC software is extremely useful for PC tasks. In other words, this software works in the voice changer very well.
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