Modbus Poll

by Witte Software

Master simulator designed primarily to help developers test Modbus protocol

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Witte Software

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Modbus Poll is a simulator designed specifically for testing the Modbus protocol in Slave devices. When you use the multi window mode, many technical parameters will be displayed simultaneously on several tables. Further, you can leave notes in each cell. When using master mode, the simulator operates.

There have been many changes in the standards for the Modbus protocol in the years since it was created in 1979. However, today it's more likely that most controller applications exist via this connection.

To start using the utility, you need to set up the connection (tab Connection → Connect). There are 5 options in the connection list, but only 2 of them are standard for this protocol - Serial port and Modbus TCP/IP. Of course, there are a few nuances here in terms of connection settings, registers, and loop values. But in this case there is always an official documentation (in English only), which is located in the root folder together with the utility. The program itself contains a help with the description of all functions (Help tab → Help Topics).

Thanks to the use of OLE Automation technology, the program is compatible with the extension of Excel files - xlsm. Users can edit the data in Excel and then view it with Modbus Poll. Or you can export them to a plain text file. The utility also has Visual Basic support.

First of all, this program may be of interest to software developers and engineers who are closely connected with controllers, sensors or other electronic devices operating under the Modbus protocol.

- 5 types of connections - Serial Port, Modbus TCP/IP, Modbus UDP/IP, Modbus RTU/ASCII over TCP/IP and RTU/ASCII over UDP/IP;

- reading and changing registers;

- monitoring of network data;

- Export to Excel files.

Modbus is a is a simulator designed for testing the Modbus protocol multi window mode for convenient display. For getting the facility user need to just connect with the internet and enjoy the automation technology. This allow the user extent the excel files and edit them.
If you're tasked with testing the Modbus protocol, all you need is this simulator and you're all set. It boasts five different connection types and all of the data you collect can be transferred to an Excel document for safekeeping. Sweet!
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