by Jongde

Makes prototyping easier for multiple platforms.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Jongde

Release: Mockplus

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The problem of prototyping is very complex for new designers. Mockplus is an awesome prototyping tool that virtually eliminates the learning curve. There will be no coding, language learning, or complicated process building required. In fact, you can start using Mockplus within 10 minutes of installing in on your computer. As far as prototyping tools go, no matter what's on them,Mockplus is there to go with them.


  • Easy drag and drop creation
  • Map out designs for easy presentation
  • Real-Time Collaborations with others
  • Real-Time online reviews
  • Simple learning curve
  • Intuitive designing
  • Test on real devices in seconds.

Its sole value is that it's a wonderful tool. During construction, a working prototype may vary slightly from program to program. This code is literally executed in the same program window as the test prototype. Getting started with developing the application you want is as easy as picking it up. Any smartphone or platform has access to this software, including the devices made to run through Andriod, iOS, Mac OS, and Windows. The number of elements in your prototype can be completely customized down to its last level of customization. In reality, Mockplus comes with more than 3,000 icons and just under 200 components in order to ease prototyping process.

As soon as you receive your prototype on your computer, the software creates an QR code that you can scan with the deceive to be tested instantly. Those practices mean there will be no uploading, downloading, or storing files. The testing will be conducted instantly, which is not easy. The cloud storage can be used to publish your projects and you will receive a connection to the projects or to coworkers via your weblink. Exporting your projects via HTML is even possible. The program is really simple to use by far for me personally. Starting with a blank page, I assemble everything together with the main parts of a project. Do not wait any longer to learn how to create the designs and develop them. Creators should always try mockplus since it is such a unique program.

Making all your prototypes faster is made easy by Mockplus.
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Abel Reyes
One of the great things about this tool is its flexibility, it can be built from scratch without needing specific barriers. It's intuitive; I am an artist, which is my reason for doing this. I plan on developing my prototype for the material myself and saving money at the same time
The software product, which uses keyboard shortcuts and auto-start, is an ideal tool for prototyping.Adding items to the spreadsheet, as well as modifying them. You will love the flexibility of this program, and its powerful features are sure to impress.
Blair Bruner
I'd highly recommend getting an easter discount first. A professional, unique layout distinguishes it from other templates. Simple to use, yet navigates very easily. You may find that you like the use of pictures, barcodes, or tabs from time to time.
Having an effective tool such as Mockplus enables the creation of accurate prototypes efficiently and swiftly. Having simulate is very easy and is easier every time, all through the prototyping process. It's easy to understand and follow, so you can accomplish your goals more effectively. Among all of the software platforms of the same type, the platform is more user-friendly, easier to use, and more comprehensive.
Its cool to use this software. There is no contract expiration date, and it is auto-installable. It also provides keyboard shortcuts and auto-reinstall.filling. Thanks to it being easy to use, I have continued to rely on it because i don't have to worry about it expiring in a year.
Using Mockplus for Windows helps you learn any program programming language in a simple, effective, and accessible way. In terms of omega and alpha prototyping, mockplus for windows is a great choice. Using a single program, multiple prototype tools are available. Every bit of a prototype can be customized from start to finish. Because there are so many components and thousands of icons in Mockplus, prototyping is incredibly easy.