Easily control your iPhone or Android device through your PC and vice versa

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Mobizen is a program used for remote management of portable devices based on Android and iOS operating systems. With it, you can work with desktops and applications, as well as record videos and perform file transfers (the latter is available exclusively for Android).

Some gesture controls are unavailable for screenshots, but there are enough features, including opening applications, replying to messages, viewing videos, and so forth. When using Mobizen, the device will be noticeably "slow", and the image being broadcast on the PC will decay into pixels. This is among the many issues associated with remote management, almost all of them encountered in practice.

Here are two things you need to know: first, how to format a file and second, how to record video. By opening the document manager in file transfer mode, users will have the freedom to view the content of the portable device comfortably. To transfer data from a PC to the Mobizen window, simply drag and drop any document/folder into or oull a convenient file manager that allows them to comfortably When a USB cable is connected to a portable device, data can be exchanged fast. The process of scanning is automatically cut out for Mobizen in screen recording mode, saving time and energy. When the final file is saved to computer or smartphone/tablet memory, you will be able to see it later.

In order to use Mobizen, you need a special application first installed on your portable device. Links to applications are included in the First Launch Wizard, which gives you instructions on setting up an account and introducing the program's features.

- For users who use portable devices in screencast mode;

- Video recorder and file transfer modes are supported; d;

- Mobile browsers run on devices running Android or iOS.

- First-time user guide; and an intuitive online connection wizard;

- It is completely free to access.

Using Mobizen from a computer device can give you access to all the images and other information captured by your cell phone. If this is a necessity, you can access it in a web browser at your convenience. Having access to Mobizen will provide you with an amazing way to access your mobile apps and games. Often times using Mobizen will allow you to view videos and photos more clearly on a larger screen, so it definitely assists.
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