by Mobatek. MobaXterm

One of MobaXterm's key capabilities is its toolbox of remote computing tools.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Mobatek. MobaXterm

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MobaXterm is a program designed for remote administration of computers and servers connected to the same network. Advanced users as well as administrators are able to perform most remote operations with the benefit of remote systems management. It functions as an independent terminal with the ability to run Solaris commands based on Shell Scripts created by the program. MobaXterm also includes a macro tool that can be run simultaneously on multiple systems.

Program supports convenient administration of many machines through its user interface and session manager. There are several ways to adjust the primary window's mode of operation, including simultaneously switching between two, three and four terminals. You have access to other parameters when viewing the main window, session menu and open terminal. Upon restarting MobaXterm, memorized this process. It is very easy to group them all and drag them one by one to a particular place on the panel at any time.

FTP, SFTP, SSH, Telnet, RDP, VNC, XDMCP, and Rlogin provide remote access to computing or servers. Session settings are displayed at the beginning of MobaXterm installation. Access rights can be set in this area and basic security can be adjusted.

There are key benefits of the program including its support for x11, which is built-in.Support for servers, plugins, and downloadable versions are available.

- Computers and servers can be remotely managed; e allows remote administration of servers and computers;

- This method is used by the Bash shell to execute Unix commands.

- Other technologies available to support SSH, RDP, VNC, Telnet, SFTP, FTP, and Rlogin protocols.

- A server from X11 is included in this program.

- is available with a tabbed interface and a session manager;

- Adding plugins to MobaXterm can enhance its functionality.

When looking for software that allows you to access a variety of remote networking tools for Windows, look no further than MobaXterm. Whenever I am using a Windows PC, I can have a Linux terminal right in my hands with MobaXterm. Having the Linux operating system installed on my system without needing me to download it is also good news for me.